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Type Whip
Attribute Wind Wind
Weight Medium
Default Fighter Icon-Kid Cobra.png Kid Cobra

The Slamamander is a Whip-type ARMS weapon with the Wind attribute.


"Extending across the battlefield like sharply curving whips, these ARMS snake, expand, and send opponents flying when they connect."
Official Description


Uncharged Charged
80 90
Rush attack
First 55 40 30 20 5x6
Followup 5x7

Version history[edit]

Version history
1.0.0 Added to game.
2.1.0 Increased homing.
3.0.0 Increased speed of charge attack.
Improved homing ability.
3.1.0 Increased extension speed.
Decreased retraction speed.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese オロチ
Legendary Japanese giant snake
 Dutch Zwarte mamba Black mamba
 French Vipère Viper
 German Aeromander From Aero, and Salamander, salamander
 Italian Mamba Mamba
 Russian Урагандра
From ура ura, hooray, ураган uragan, hurricane, and саламандра salamandra, salamander
 Spanish Víbora Viper