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Poison is one of the eight ARM Attributes, and the first and only one to be added to the game post-launch in version 4.0.0. When charged, opponents hit by the ARM will have their health drained away. The standard amount is 1 damage approximately every half second, but if an opponent is already poisoned and is hit by another Poison ARM, the damage will rise to 2, then to 3 if hit again; Poison damage cannot go up to 4. The health-draining effect of Poison cannot cause a KO (similarly to chip damage while guarding), as it will always stop draining before the victim loses their last HP point. Fighters hit with Poison are covered in a purple ooze, and their speech is distorted.

List of Poison ARMS[edit]

There are three ARMS with the Poison attribute making it the second least common attribute behind only the Blind attribute.

Scorpio.png Scorpio Glusher.png Glusher Skully.png Skully


Names in other languages[edit]


  • This is the first and only attribute to be added to the game via free update.
  • Misango is the only character whose default ARMS use the Poison Attribute. It is the only attribute where this is the case.


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