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Blind is one of the eight ARM Attributes. When charged, ARMS with the Blind attribute have the effect of obscuring the opposing player's vision. The faces of fighters who have been hit by a Blind ARM will appear to be covered in whatever substance the ARM is made of.[1] In most cases, ARMS with the Blind attribute don't deal any additional damage when charged.

List of Blind ARMS

There are only two ARMS with the Blind attribute, making it the least common attribute in the game. One of these, the Blorb, was available at launch, and the other, the Biffler, was added in Version 3.0.0

Blorb Biffler


Blind ARMS's effects are straight forwards in their application, impairing and opponent's vision allowing for follow ups they cannot see coming. Additionally, Blind ARMS do run the benefit of not knocking down targets which also serve to aid in further punishment.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese ブラインド
 Dutch Verblinding Blinding
 French Aveuglement Blindness
 German Blindheit Blindness
 Italian Accecamento Blinding
 Russian Ослепление
 Spanish Ceguera Blindness
 Portuguese Cabra cega blind man's buff (literally Blind goat)


  • Prior to the introduction of the Biffler, the Blind attribute was the only attribute to have just one ARM, being the Blorb.


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