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Stun is one of the eight ARM Attributes. When charged, ARMS with the Stun attribute will render fighters unable to move for a short period of time, allowing for a quick follow up attack. While stunned, fighters will glow yellow.[1] In most cases, ARMS with the Stun attribute deal 20 additional damage when charged.

List of Stun ARMS

There are four ARMS with the Stun attribute, with three being available at launch, and the Funchuk being added in version 3.0.0

Chakram Funchuk Tribolt Whammer

All Stunning ARMS have a stun duration of 0.95 seconds.


Stun type ARMS are high level combo and mindgame tools. When a Stun attack connects with an opponent, they are frozen in whatever animation they were previously in the middle of for 0.95 seconds before continuing the animation. This means the longer the initial animation was (a punch vs simply standing still), the more useful the stun will be. In the least optimal hits, Stun will always at least lead into your second punch. However, if you manage to hit it up close, or while the opponent is in the middle of a lengthy animation, you can get much greater punishes from it, including grab confirms and 3 hit combos.

This applies slightly differently to characters that wield super armor, such as Master Mummy, Mechanica, Max Brass, and Misango; stuns suspend these characters instead of stopping them in place. As a result they are less susceptible to grab confirms, or follow-up punches.

If you can hit a Stun arm just as the opponent is landing from a jump or about to throw a punch, you can also cause them to misinput, giving you an advantage state to attack their weak spot.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese ショック
 Dutch Schok Shock
 French Choc Shock
 German Benommenheit Dizziness
 Italian Stordimento Dizziness
 Russian Шок
 Spanish Aturdimiento Daze
 Portuguese Atorodamento Stun


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