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The Scrapyard Scrapper
Basic Information
Height 7' 8" (234 cm)
Out of Suit:
5' 2" (158 cm)
Weight 1202 lb (545 kg)
Out of Suit:
99 lb (45 kg)
Age 15
Affiliation The Scrapyard
Stage Scrapyard
Hobbies Watching ARMS (especially Ribbon Girl!)
Voice Actress Ayumi Fujimura
(藤村 歩)
Signature Mechanica signature.png
Official Stats
Size 5/5
Arm Girth 4/5
Speed 2/5
Jumping 2/5
Hovering 4/5
IQ 5/5
Grab Damage 160
Walking Speed 85%
Dash Distance 86%
Charge Dash Distance 118%

Max Charge Time 2.1 seconds
Standard ARMS
"Sure, she's young, but this "scrapyard scrapper" is as destructive as she is darling! But under that metal exterior, Mechanica is a kid like any other! Well, sort of...How many kids do you know who'd design and make a heavyweight powered suit with built-in thrusters?"

Mechanica is a playable fighter in ARMS. She has never gained the extendable ARMS ability naturally, so she uses a powered suit to compete.


Mechanica is the only fighter who appears fully human. Her eyes lack the spiraled irises of the other human-like fighters, and she has normal human arms. She has lavender-pink eyes, and brown shoulder-length hair with an ahoge. She pilots a mech that has extendable ARMS made of coiled metal plates and electrical cables, and she wears a yellow and blue form-fitting bodysuit, yellow goggles, and yellow fingerless gloves over longer fingerless blue gloves. Other outfits she wear include an alternative, long-sleeved version of her suit, a short-sleeved yellow and orange striped dress with a collar with brown sandals revealing her orange painted nails, a blue-grey tank top over a yellow bra or undershirt, under an orange jumpsuit to which the top is tied around her torso, the same outfit, but with orange pants, and she is once seen with her hair in a ponytail with an orange hairband


"This youthful ARMS superfan honed her engineering genius working at the local scrapyard. She wasn't born with stretchy ARMS, so what choice did she have but to build a fighting suit herself? When she rides it into battle, she can even hover in midair! Can she soar to the top of the ARMS Grand Prix she's always loved?!"
Official description

Mechanica’s family uses a scrapyard as their workshop. In her day-to-day life, Mechanica works alongside other employees and helps her dad with his work. When she was younger, she found a tiny TV at the local scrapyard; she used it to watch ARMS matches. There was a time when she went to watch the Grand Prix with her dad. They even managed to snap a photo with Max Brass. That experience cemented her status as a lifelong ARMS fan. Eventually, the whole workshop became covered in TVs so everyone could watch ARMS matches while they worked.

Mechanica watched Max Brass dominate the ARMS League throughout her childhood. During that time, she also taught herself the inner workings of machinery by disassembling equipment that was unknown to her. In time, her family’s scrapyard also became her work station. As a fan of Ribbon Girl, Mechanica decorates her workshop with numerous stickers and drawings of the pop star. She created plans for her fighting suit with extendable arms at the scrapyard. The suit was the only way for her to contend with other ARMS fighters, as she has never gotten the ARMS ability naturally.

With the skills and knowledge she gained from tinkering with machines, she built her mech suit at her workshop using old spare parts and other junk she collected there. It is assumed that she had not just experience, but also talent, as she built something so complex at such a young age. Though Biff later questions the legality of her suit in the Grand Prix, it is a fact that she is allowed to enter. She entered the tournament at the age of 15. She is something of a local celebrity in her home scrapyard due to her accomplishments.

Her hefty suit puts her at a weight of 545 kg, but she has a decent amount of mobility through the inclusion of thrusters on her suit. Her jetpack allows her to hover and dash in midair, even as a heavyweight fighter. Her workshop was remodeled into the stadium known as the Scrapyard for the tournament. Her dad and his employees await Mechanica’s debut at her home stage.


Mechanica is a heavyweight similar to Master Mummy, meaning she can armor through attacks that would put other fighters in hitstun. However, she is designed to be somewhat more agile, having the ability to hover in midair while attacking and the option to extend her dashes by holding the dash button.

Version history[edit]

Version history
1.0.0 Added to game.
2.1.0 Increased movement speed when jumping.
3.0.0 Increased movement speed when jumping.
Increased movement speed when air dashing.

Related Badges[edit]

Main article: Badge Stash
Description Reward Design Unlock Criteria
Rev those engines! You've wrecked
it as Mechanica for 50 rounds.
Token.svg60 Badge-Fixed-LogoMechanica.png Play as Mechanica 50 times.
After competing as Mechanica for
500 rounds, it's obvious
you're well suited for each other.
Token.svg200 Badge-Fixed-LogoMechanica-Shiny.png Play as Mechanica 500 times.
Who doesn't love a scrappy ending?
That makes 100 wins
against Mechanica!
Token.svg100 Badge-Fixed-InverseLogoMechanica.png Defeat Mechanica 100 times.
Mechanica's lost 250 rounds
against you! Sounds like her suit
is in need of some upgrades
Token.svg200 Badge-Fixed-InverseLogoMechanica-Shiny.png Defeat Mechanica 250 times.
You reached level 5
in the 6th Party Crash! Choosing
Mechanica really paid off.
Token.svg30 Badge-PartyCrash-Mechanica.png Choose Mechanica in the sixth Party Crash event and reach level 5 (no longer obtainable), or get it randomly from the random badges (levels 15-30) obtainable in future Party Crashes.
You made it to Level 10
in the 6th Party Crash?
Mechanica would be so proud.
Token.svg30 Badge-PartyCrash-Mechanica-Shiny.png Choose Mechanica in the sixth Party Crash event and reach level 10 (no longer obtainable), or get it randomly from the random badges (levels 15-30) obtainable in future Party Crashes.
You reached level 5
in the 13th Party Crash!
Nice work, Mechanica!
Token.svg30 Badge-PartyCrash-MechanicaSketchLose.png Choose Mechanica in the thirteenth Party Crash event and reach level 5 (no longer obtainable), or get it randomly from the random badges (levels 15-30) obtainable in future Party Crashes.
You reached level 10
in the 13th Party Crash!
Way to be, Mechanica!
Token.svg30 Badge-PartyCrash-MechanicaSketchWin.png Choose Mechanica in the thirteenth Party Crash event and reach level 10 (no longer obtainable), or get it randomly from the random badges (levels 15-30) obtainable in future Party Crashes.
You've fought in 10 rounds of
Mechanica vs. Ribbon Girl!
Token.svg60 Badge-Fixed-MatchupMechanicaVsRibbonGirl.png Participate in 1-on-1 matches between Mechanica and Ribbon Girl adding up to a total of ten or more rounds.
You've fought in 10 rounds of
Kid Cobra vs. Mechanica!
Token.svg60 Badge-Fixed-MatchupKidCobraVsMechanica.png Participate in 1-on-1 matches between Kid Cobra and Mechanica adding up to a total of ten or more rounds.
You won a battle as Mechanica
using the Sparky. What a nice
nod to her idol Ribbon Girl!
Token.svg30 Badge-Fixed-GlyphMechanica.png Defeat an opponent using Mechanica equipped with the Sparky on at least one ARM.




Mechanica's Costumes
Default Left Right Down
Mechanica Blue.png
Mechanica Pink.png

To select a costume, click and hold Lstickclick.svg, then hold Lstick.svg in the direction of the desired costume while confirming with A.svg.

In-game Screenshots[edit]

Promotional Art[edit]

Grand Prix Ending[edit]


  • Mechanica was announced alongside ARMS during the Nintendo Switch presentation in January 2017.
  • Her name is derived from the word "mechanic."
  • Mechanica was in the original trailer known as "The Heavyweight Rocketeer" instead of "The Scrapyard Scrapper".
  • Mechanica is the youngest human ARMS character being 15 years old.
  • Like Twintelle, she has regular human arms.
  • Her voice actor, Ayumi Fujimura, is known for voicing Fi in The Legend of Zelda series, and Princess Zelda in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • In the demo build, Mechanica had the Revolver, Toaster, and Boomerang.
  • She is only shown out of her mech suit in promo art and never in-game.
  • When Mechanica reaches low HP, two red lights on her mech suit (one in front, positioned around the "bellybutton" area, and one on the back of the jetpack) turn on. If she wins a match with low HP, this detail will be reflected in her victory animations, both for solo and team victories.

Names in other languages[edit]


Language Name Meaning
 Japanese メカニッカ
 Chinese (Traditional) 機甲女孩
Gēigaap Néuihhàaih
Mech Girl
 Chinese (Simplified) 机甲女孩
Jījiǎ Nǚhái
Mech Girl
 Dutch Mechanica Mechanica
 French Mechanica Mechanica
 German Mechanica Mechanica
 Italian Mechanica Mechanica
 Russian Механика
From English name
 Spanish Mechanica Mechanica

The Scrapyard Scrapper

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese 天才ロケットガール!
Tensai roketto gāru!
The gifted rocket girl!
 Chinese (Traditional) 天才火箭少女
Tīnchòih Fójin Síunéuih
GO!GO!火箭少女! (Grand Prix)
Go! Go! Fójin Síunéuih!
The Gifted Rocket Girl
Go! Go! Rocket Girl!
 Chinese (Simplified) 天才火箭女孩
Tiāncái Huǒjiàn Nǚhái
GO! GO! 火箭女孩! (Grand Prix)
Go! Go! Huǒjiàn Nǚhái!
The Gifted Rocket Girl
Go! Go! Rocket Girl!
 Dutch De garage girl
De zwaargewicht (original trailer)
The garage girl
The heavywight
 French La férue de ferraille
La poids lourd (original trailer)
The scrap fan
The heavyweight
 German Die Schrottschlägerin
Ein mechanisches Schwergewicht (original trailer)
The Scrap brawler
A mechanical heavyweight
 Italian L'ingegnosa ragazzina
La saltatrice pesante (original trailer)
The ingenious little girl
The heavy jumper
 Russian Техногений
Ракетчица-тяжеловес (original trailer)
Techological genius

Heavyweight Rocket Launcher
 Spanish (NOA) La deshuesadora The scrapper
 Spanish (NOE) La desguazadora
La mujer cohete (original trailer)
The scrapper
The rocket woman
 Czech Těžká váha Heavy weight
 Hungarian A nehézsúlyú rakétaszakértő The heavyweight rocketeer
 Polish Rakieta wagi ciężkiej Heavyweight rocket
 Portuguese A mulher-foguete The rocket woman