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The Ramen Bomber
Min Min
Basic Information
Height 5' 5" (167 cm)
Weight Unimportant (Unknown)
Age 18
Affiliation Mintendo Noodle House
Stage Ramen Bowl
Hobbies Eating mom's homemade ramen
Voice Actress Haruna Takatsu
(高津 はる菜)
Signature Min Min signature.png
Official Stats
Dashed lines indicate Dragon Arm
Size 2/5
Arm Girth 1-5/5
Speed 3/5
Jumping 3/5
Kicking 5/5
Love of Ramen 5/5
Grab Damage 150
Walking Speed 100%
Dash Distance 100%
Charge Dash Distance 100%
Max Charge Time 1.6 seconds
Standard ARMS

"Well, get a whiff of that! The one and only "ramen bomber" has entered the ring. It's Min Min! This young lady proves that "noodle arms" ain't no joke—They pack a real punch! And don't let her size fool you—Min Min's fighting can kick it with the best of 'em."

Min Min is a playable fighter in ARMS. She is a Chinese martial artist who battles to promote her family's ramen restaurant.


Min Min appears mostly human except for her spiraled irises and her ramen-like hair and ARMS. She has green eyes, blonde hair with straight-cut bangs and a fringe, along with an orange mask. Slices of narutomaki (a Japanese processed fish product sometimes found in ramen) are attached to the upper part of her noodle arms. When fully charged, her left noodle arm transforms into a dragon. She wears an orange beanie shaped like an upside-down ramen bowl, an orange athletic shirt, orange athletic shorts, black calf-length leggings, and green sneakers.


"A member of ramen royalty, she hails from the famed Mintendo Noodle House! Her spicy kicks are known to knock down her opponents' attacks. Can her fiery personality bring the championship belt home to her family's restaurant?!"
Official description


Min Min can execute a kick on the ground or in the air which knocks down oncoming attacks. By charging her ARMS for longer than usual or successfully completing a throw, Min Min can transform her left arm into a dragon. While in dragon form, the equipped arm will remain charged until Min Min is knocked down, losing the dragon arm.

Version History[edit]

Version history
4.0.0 Normal arm girth increased.

Related Badges[edit]

Main article: Badge Stash
Description Reward Design Unlock Criteria
Someone's hungry for action!
You've played as Min Min
for 50 rounds!
Token.svg60 Ico badge119.png Play as Min Min 50 times.
You've entered the ring as Min Min
for 500 rounds! Why fight without
dragon arm if you don't have to?
Token.svg200 Ico badge122.png Play as Min Min 500 times.
You've burned Min Min 100 times.
Now that's gotta hurt!
Token.svg100 Ico badge125.png Defeat Min Min 100 times.
Min Min's lost 250 rounds
against you. That's using YOUR noodle!
Token.svg200 Ico badgecDvU6AEWE6-akgdSAf X5 HzEjEyun03.png Defeat Min Min 250 times.
You reached level 5
in the 2nd Party Crash! Choosing
Min Min really paid off.
Token.svg30 Ico badgePartyCrashMinMin1.png Choose Min Min in the second Party Crash event and reach level 5 (no longer obtainable), or get it randomly from the random badges (levels 15-30) obtainable in future Party Crashes.
You made it to level 10
in the 2nd Party Crash?
Min Min would be so proud.
Token.svg30 Ico badgeVDDWr9qll3HZGMQV4bnmIk0H4-y0Oe 1.png Choose Min Min in the second Party Crash event and reach level 10 (no longer obtainable), or get it randomly from the random badges (levels 15-30) obtainable in future Party Crashes.
You've fought in 10 rounds of
Min Min vs. Ninjara!
Token.svg60 Ico badgez5CBYVBGmOpJqNvpgQOBXK3HoPH2lBO3.png Participate in 1-on-1 matches between Min Min and Ninjara adding up to a total of ten or more rounds.
You've fought in 10 rounds of
Misango vs. Min Min!
Token.svg60 Ico badgervdsNBfwGwQBtdhGRAU Tm6zD8ZZv08D.png Participate in 1-on-1 matches between Misango and Min Min adding up to a total of ten or more rounds.
You won a battle as Min Min using
the Funchuk. Martial arts level-up!
Token.svg30 Ico badgeMinMin7.png Defeat an opponent using Min Min equipped with the Funchuk on at least one ARM.




Min Min
Min Min's Costumes
Default Left Right Down
Icon-Min Min.png
Icon-Min Min-yellow.png
Icon-Min Min-pink.png
Icon-Min Min-white.png

To select a costume, click and hold Lstickclick.svg, then hold Lstick.svg in the direction of the desired costume while confirming with A.svg.

Victory Animations[edit]

Victory minmin.gif

Promotional Art[edit]

Grand Prix Ending[edit]


  • Min Min was announced during a Nintendo Direct on April 12th, 2017.
  • As her theme suggests, her native language is Chinese.
  • Min Min is the only fighter to be shown with two different ARMS in her official art.
  • The Mintendo Noodle House's name is a portmanteau of "Min Min" and "Nintendo."
  • Despite being of Chinese descent, her hair is blonde instead of dark (a usual Chinese trait) due to her hair resembling noodles.
  • Min Min's logo is a stylized version of the Chinese character "麺" (lit. men), meaning "noodle."
  • On the Japanese version of the ARMS website, Min Min's weight is listed as "On a diet", rather than "Unimportant".
  • Under normal circumstances, if Min Min wins a match with her dragon arm activated, it will be seen in her victory animation; however, if she wins a team match, her dragon arm will always be absent.

Names in other languages[edit]

Min Min

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese ミェンミェン
Myen Myen
Myen sounds similar to men, noodle in Japanese.
 Chinese 麵麵
Miàn Miàn
Noodle Noodle
 Dutch Min Min Min Min
 French Min Min Min Min
 German Min Min Min Min
 Italian Min Min Min Min
 Russian Минь Минь
Min' Min'
From English name
 Spanish Min Min Min Min

The ramen bomber

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese 闘う! ラーメン少女
Tatakau! Rāmen Shōjo
Fighting! Ramen girl. It is probably a parody of a famous manga, Tatakae!! Ramenman
 Chinese 格鬥拉麵少女
Gédòu Lāmiàn Shàonǚ
The fighting ramen girl
 Dutch De ramenrammer The ramen rammer
 French La toquée des ramen The ramen knocker
 German Die Siegeshungrige The Victory Hungry
 Italian L'amante del ramen The ramen lover
 Russian Королева лапши
Koroleva lapshi
Noodle queen
 Spanish La reina del fideo frito The queen of the fried noodle