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The Silver Screen Queen
Basic Information
Height 5' 10" (180 cm)
Weight 139 lb (63 kg)
Age 26
Affiliation Twintelle Productions
Stage Cinema Deux
Hobbies Sniffing luxury fragrances, fitness
Voice Actress Adeyto

Official Stats
Size 4/5
Arm Girth 3/5
Speed 3/5
Jumping 3/5
Actress Aura 5/5
Star Power 5/5
Grab Damage 160
Walking Speed 100%
Dash Distance 100%
Charge Dash Distance 100%
Max Charge Time 1.6 seconds
Standard ARMS

"Roll out the red carpet! 'The silver screen queen' herself, Twintelle is making her entrance. She's an ARMS fighter, but it's not her arms you need to worry about... It's her hair that packs a punch! So keep your eyes on those shiny, silvery locks!"

Twintelle is a playable fighter in ARMS. She was first revealed during the ARMS Direct on 2017-05-17.


Twintelle is a human with dark brown skin and extendable ARMS made of hair. Unlike most fighters, she has normal human arms in addition to her extendable ARMS. She has aqua eyes with magenta eyelashes, and white hair with pink highlights worn in twin tails. She wears a navy blue mask with turquoise markings around the eyes resembling mascara or eyeshadow, and small turquoise spot on the right thats acts as a beauty mark. Her outfit consists of a white sleeveless shirt with a high collar, a diamond-like pattern, and her logo embedded in gold on the chest, along with a gold zipper in the back, a magenta waistband, tight black pants with magenta-pink lines on the sides, and black high heels with white straps and red soles. Her accessories include leaf-shaped earrings and bracelets which are golden. She has an athletic, yet curvy figure compared to the other female fighters.


"The mega celeb, star of the silver screen tries her, hair at the ARMS Grand Prix. Not content with her acting awards and accolades, she's gonna use those stretchy silver locks to take the ARMS title! Oh, and while she's charging up, her actress aura can slow down incoming ARMS!"
Official description

Twintelle used to be labelmates with Ribbon Girl, as Biff put it, before she moved on to a career of acting.[1] According to ARMS Labs, she is the only person whose hair possesses the ARMS ability. She has also refused requests for examination from the ARMS Labs three times. The labs are currently trying to get at least a single hair from her for examination.


Twintelle overall is designed as a well-rounded fighter. Her abilities include slowing incoming attacks while dashing and charging her punches in mid-air by holding the dash button.

Related Badges[edit]

Main article: Badge Stash
Description Reward Design Unlock Criteria
You've headlined 50 rounds as
Twintelle. The fans are going wild!
Token.svg60 Ico badge137.png Play as Twintelle 50 times.
You've starred in 500 rounds
as Twintelle! So, do you do
all your own stunts?
Token.svg200 Ico badge140.png Play as Twintelle 500 times.
So much for star power...
You've won 100
rounds against Twintelle!
Token.svg100 Ico badge143.png Defeat Twintelle 100 times.
Twintelle's lost 250 rounds
against you! I feel...some kind of
special aura around you!
Token.svg200 Ico badgezonNaqIuDcCXCMyQyEwVjEhCtBf5pw-i.png Defeat Twintelle 250 times.
You reached level 5
in the 3rd Party Crash! Choosing
Twintelle really paid off.
Token.svg30 Ico badgeqaKakaxZUMdz5Own7h2Teqcqo5NVsV-h.png Choose Twintelle in the third Party Crash event and reach level 5 (no longer obtainable), or get it randomly from the random badges (levels 15-30) obtainable in future Party Crashes.
You made it to Level 10
in the 3rd Party Crash?
Twintelle would be so proud.
Token.svg30 Ico badgeNfdYfb5FCRUke 2sl8A7YvNp-DFV1T9i.png Choose Twintelle in the third Party Crash event and reach level 10 (no longer obtainable), or get it randomly from the random badges (levels 15-30) obtainable in future Party Crashes.
You've fought in 10 rounds of
Ribbon Girl vs. Twintelle!
Token.svg60 Ico badgeGzxlU uESuhFjb2SpHL0ioAd3NQDZxoy.png Participate in 1-on-1 matches between Ribbon Girl and Twintelle adding up to a total of ten or more rounds.
You've fought in 10 rounds of
Twintelle vs. Lola Pop!
Token.svg60 Ico badgeaHHnq2tpxx0I7bdH P2mFbEN8WZ5x-kL.png Participate in 1-on-1 matches between Twintelle and Lola Pop adding up to a total of ten or more rounds.
You won a battle as Twintelle using
the Slapamander. Clap clapamander!
Token.svg30 Ico badgeIg7-CIJr2WNk-6jHSltGMMP5Xkk9X9CK.png Defeat an opponent using Twintelle equipped with the Slapamander on at least one ARM.




Twintelle's Costumes
Default Left Right Down

To select a costume, click and hold Lstickclick.svg, then hold Lstick.svg in the direction of the desired costume while confirming with A.svg.

Promotional Art[edit]

Grand Prix Ending[edit]


  • It is likely that Twintelle's name comes from an amalgamation of "twin tails," a hairstyle she bears, and the suffix "-elle" common in female French names.
  • Twintelle speaks in French, and English with a French accent.
  • Like Mechanica, she has regular human arms.

Names in other languages[edit]


Language Name Meaning
 Japanese ツインテーラ
 Chinese 雙馬尾巨星
Shuāngmǎwěi Jùxīng
Twintail Celebrity
 Dutch Twintelle Twintelle
 French Twintelle Twintelle
 German Twintelle Twintelle
 Italian Twintelle Twintelle
 Russian Твинтель
From English name
 Spanish Twintelle Twintelle

The Silver Screen Queen

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese オーラあふれる美しき銀髪
Ōra Afureru Utsukushī Ginpatsu
Aura-Brimming Silver-Haired Beauty
 Chinese 光環四射的銀髮美女
Guānghuánsìshè de Yínfà Měinǚ
Aura-Brimming Silver-Haired Beauty
 Dutch De prima donna The prima donna
 French La divine diva The divine diva
 German Die Grande Dame The Grand Dame
 Italian L'ammaliante diva del cinema The fascinating diva of cinema
 Russian Кинозвезда
Movie star
 Spanish la diva del cine The diva of cinema


  1. NintenU, YouTube, at 5:01. "ARMS - Grand Prix - Twintelle Level 4"