Kid Cobra

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The Speed Demon
Kid Cobra
Basic Information
Height 6' 0" (183 cm)
Weight 170 lb (77 kg)
Age 19
Affiliation Naja Crew
Stage Snake Park
Hobbies Snakeboarding, making rad vids
Voice Actor Ryouta Takeuchi
(竹内 良太)
Official Stats
Dashed lines indicate charged state
Size 3/5
Arm Girth 5/5
Speed 2-5/5
Jumping 5/5
Snakeboarding 5/5
Vid Views 4/5
Grab Damage 170
Walking Speed 105%
Dash Distance 86%
Charge Dash Distance 80%
Max Charge Time 2.1 seconds
Standard ARMS
"Welcome to the Snake Park, where the 'speed demon,' Kid Cobra runs the show! He's a top snakeboard rider, an extreme sport that involves landing tricks on a spinning board. His signature quick step allows him to strike at his prey as fast as a snake!"

Kid Cobra is a playable fighter in ARMS. He is a professional snakeboarder and live streamer.


Kid Cobra's extendable ARMS have a scaly, snake-like appearance. His eyes are heterochromatic, with one being green, and the other purple. He wears a helmet shaped like the head and hood of a cobra, his skin-tight shirt looks scaly, and his baggy pants bear a design made up of many stylized snakes. The treads of his sneakers also look like snakeskin.


"A top snakeboarder turned ARMS fighter, this kid lives for the streets! All that boarding has really strengthened his legs, giving him a super-quick dash after charging up. He entered the Grand Prix to get more hits on his snakeboarding vids, but his natural instincts might just carry him all the way to the top!"
Official description

Kid Cobra is one of the few people who had his extendable ARMS since birth, occurring in only 1 in 100,000 people. Due to the fact that he always wears a mask and his race hasn't been confirmed yet, it makes Kid Cobra an interesting surveying target.[1]


When dashing towards an opponent on the ground while charged, Kid Cobra will duck under all incoming attacks. In addition, all dashes, midair or grounded, are quicker and provide more distance.

Version history[edit]

Version history
1.1.0 Fixed an issue where Kid Cobra was able to repeatedly do a charge dash while riding snake boards.
2.0.0 Decreased distance traveled when jumping.
2.1.0 Adjusted floatation when performing a jump attack.

Related Badges[edit]

Main article: Badge Stash
Description Reward Design Unlock Criteria
You've entered 50 rounds as
Kid Cobra. That's a whole lotta
snakeboarding vids.
Token.svg60 Ico badge155.png Play as Kid Cobra 50 times.
That makes 500 appearances
as Kid Cobra! You're
crashin' the servers, bro!
Token.svg200 Ico badge158.png Play as Kid Cobra 500 times.
You've won 100 rounds against
Kid Cobra! Could you be the
next snakeboarding sensation?!
Token.svg100 Ico badge161.png Defeat Kid Cobra 100 times.
Kid Cobra's lost 250 rounds
against you! ...Maybe YOU should
consider a career in snakeboarding.
Token.svg200 Ico badged0QQPh849gCv67HVRow6giQxLXfKWyfy.png Defeat Kid Cobra 250 times.
You reached level 5
in the 5th Party Crash! Choosing
Kid Cobra really paid off.
Token.svg30 Ico badgeKidCobraPartyCrash1.png Choose Kid Cobra in the fifth Party Crash event and reach level 5 (no longer obtainable), or get it randomly from the random badges (levels 15-30) obtainable in future Party Crashes.
You made it to level 10
in the 5th Party Crash?
Kid Cobra would be so proud.
Token.svg30 Ico badge2a5AF2xvvvs6xOFPC0LMuI89--n8ngJr.png Choose Kid Cobra in the fifth Party Crash event and reach level 10 (no longer obtainable), or get it randomly from the random badges (levels 15-30) obtainable in future Party Crashes.
You've fought in 10 rounds of
Byte & Barq vs. Kid Cobra!
Token.svg60 Ico badge8G1I-OpB5wnVo4C7lLeoGVk1ks282W o.png Participate in 1-on-1 matches between Byte & Barq and Kid Cobra adding up to a total of ten or more rounds.
You've fought in 10 rounds of
Kid Cobra vs. Mechanica!
Token.svg60 Ico badgeoOp9-f-ikTpqdUJrcFj96WuXHrWprKRp.png Participate in 1-on-1 matches between Kid Cobra and Mechanica adding up to a total of ten or more rounds.
You won a battle as Kid Cobra using
the Scorpio. Reminds me of the tale
of the snake and scorpion! No, wait...
Token.svg30 Ico badgeNBexf7Q- ahQiLLhNH-cq2NkZxD9Myx .png Defeat an opponent using Kid Cobra equipped with the Scorpio on at least one ARM.




Kid Cobra
Kid Cobra's Costumes
Default Left Right Down
Icon-Kid Cobra.png
Icon-Kid Cobra-pink.png
Icon-Kid Cobra-cyan.png
Icon-Kid Cobra-white.png

To select a costume, click and hold Lstickclick.svg, then hold Lstick.svg in the direction of the desired costume while confirming with A.svg.

Promotional Art[edit]

Grand Prix Ending[edit]


  • Kid Cobra was first revealed to be playable during the ARMS Direct on May 17th, 2017.
  • His cyan color scheme is similar to the Coolerang's.

Names in other languages[edit]

Kid Cobra

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese キッドコブラ
Kiddo Kobura
Kid Cobra
 Chinese 眼鏡蛇小子
Yǎnjìngshé Xiǎozi
Kid Cobra
 Dutch Kid Cobra Kid Cobra
 French Kid Cobra Kid Cobra
 German Kid Cobra Kid Cobra
 Italian Kid Cobra Kid Cobra
 Russian Кид Кобра
Kid Kobra
Kid Cobra
 Spanish Kid Cobra Kid Cobra

The Speed Demon

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese ストリート系スピードキング
Sutorīto-kei Supīdokingu
Street Speed King
 Chinese 街頭速度之王
Jiētóu Sùdù zhī Wáng
Street Speed King
 Dutch Het razende reptiel The raging reptile
 French L'insaisissable saurien The elusive saurian
 German Der Tempotyp The Tempo Guy
 Italian Il funambolico atleta The acrobatic athlete
 Russian Трюкач
 Spanish la serpiente veloz The speedy serpent


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