ARMS North American Open (October 2020)

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ARMS North American Open
Dates 2020-10-03 to 2020-10-04
Participants 345
Location Online
Prize Pool 35,000 My Nintendo Gold Points total (ARV $350 US)
Winner AstroNinja
Website Battlefy

The ARMS North American Open October 2020 was an official online ARMS tournament held from October 3rd to October 4th, 2020 by Nintendo of America. The event was first revealed on September 14th, 2020 as the first event in the NintendoVS Autumn series of events. Era and a team from Battlefy ran the bracket, as is consistent with the other official Nintendo tournaments in 2020. Top 4 of the event was streamed by Nintendo with Jordan Kent, EE, and Coney returning as commentary. The tournament ended with AstroNinja finishing in 1st place, Gouf finishing in 2nd place and Jean Marc taking 3rd place. The event's winner received 10,000 My Nintendo Gold Points (equivalent to $100 USD), three first prize winners won 5,000 My Nintendo Gold Points (equivalent to $50 USD), and four second prize winners received 2,500 My Nintendo Gold Points (equivalent to $25 USD). Unlike the two previous Nintendo Open events in 2020, the October Open ran a ladder bracket format as opposed to single elimination.


Top 4 Results

Placement Player Fighter(s) used
1st AstroNinja Icon-Dr. Coyle.png
2nd Gouf Icon-Dr. Coyle.png Icon-Mechanica.png
3rd Jean Marc Icon-Kid Cobra.png
4th Para Icon-Kid Cobra.png Icon-Ninjara.png
7th Serp Icon-Max Brass.png
7th Gryffical Icon-Misango.png Icon-Master Mummy.png Icon-Dr. Coyle.png
7th ALUMOX Icon-Spring Man.png Icon-Max Brass.png
7th HanukkahJamboree Icon-Twintelle.png
9th Mileve Icon-Mechanica.png
9th Twinedfive0 Icon-Lola Pop.png
9th JaRoH Icon-Byte & Barq.png
9th Uran10 Icon-Ninjara.png
13th Luna-Gabs Icon-Twintelle.png Icon-Ribbon Girl.png
13th Tree Icon-Max Brass.png
13th atom_brain Icon-Twintelle.png
13th Neru Icon-Mechanica.png
17th Teddy Icon-Dr. Coyle.png
17th https:// Icon-Min Min.png
17th Mario119 Icon-Spring Man.png Icon-Misango.png
17th MrGamer Icon-Min Min.png
17th moon♪beat Icon-Twintelle.png
17th Papu Mates Icon-Twintelle.png
17th mel*on Icon-Dr. Coyle.png
17th KensaKing Icon-Twintelle.png
25th Lachesism Icon-Min Min.png
25th OwenLLC Icon-Ribbon Girl.png
25th Cassowary Icon-Ninjara.png
25th PARADOX Icon-Kid Cobra.png
25th Lshards91 Icon-Master Mummy.png
25th Tequilajo3 Icon-random.png
25th 1slayerpikmin1 Icon-Ribbon Girl.png
25th JgamerKevin11 Icon-Max Brass.png


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