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Brands are featured on different ARMS and fighters' outfits.

Confirmed brands[edit | edit source]

Brand name Promotional image Featured on
Outfits ARMS
Achom Achom.jpg Spring Man (shorts)
Master Mummy
Boomerang (Display)
Billy Billy1.jpg Billy2.jpg Spring Man
Ribbon Girl
Dodorugen Dodorgen.jpg Mechanica Biffler
Jou Jaw.jpg Ninjara
Overrun Overrun.jpg Twintelle
Snex Snex.jpg Kid Cobra Boomerang (Manufacturer)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Boomerang is the only ARM that has 2 brands, which are Snex and Achom.
  • Achom and Billy are the only brands that associates more than one fighter.
  • Spring Man is the only fighter that is associated with more than one brand.
  • Overrun is the only brand shown in one of the promotional artworks.