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Biff, ARMS League Commentator
"Hi there, ladies and gents! I'm Biff, your trusty ARMS commentator!"

Biff is a commentator for ARMS League matches.[1] He appears in announcement videos as a host and in-game in Grand Prix to provide fighter introductions and tips to the player.


Biff is a roughly humanoid, yellow being of unknown species with a large, oblong head that has a hand protruding from the top of it, usually clenched in a fist but opening when he is surprised. Like most of the fighters in ARMS, he has spiraled irises. Similarly, he also appears to have extendable ARMS. The only clothes he wears are a scarlet, diamond-shaped mask and a navy blue bow tie.


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  • Biff is voiced by Yū Kobayashi, the voice of fellow Nintendo character Lucina, in the Japanese Nintendo Direct for ARMS. [2]
  • The Tri-Shot Biffler ARM is named after Biff.
  • Biff's name is similar to an onomatopoeia in comics used when a character punches.
  • There is an implied rivalry between Biff and Lola Pop, as they each have bakeries right next to each other, and one of her promotional art photos shows Biff glaring at her while she performs in front of her bakery.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese コブッシー
Sounds similar to 拳 (kobushi, meaning fist)
 Chinese 拳布师
Quán bù shī
 Dutch Armadeus From ARMS and Amadeus, a Dutch given name
 French Globule Globule
 German Armadeus From ARMS and Amadeus, a German given name
 Italian Armando From Armando, an Italian given name, and ARMS
 Russian Бифф
Transcription of English name
 Spanish (NOA) Manuelucho From Manuel, a Spanish given name, which prefix can be interpreted as mano, hand, and luchar, to fight
 Spanish (NOE) Puñejandro From puño, Spanish for fist, and Alejandro, a Spanish given name

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