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Biff, ARMS League Commentator
"Hi there, ladies and gents! I'm Biff, your trusty ARMS commentator!"

Biff is a commentator for ARMS League matches.[1] He appears in announcement videos as a host and in-game in Grand Prix to provide fighter introductions and tips to the player.


Biff is roughly humanoid, but he has a large, oblong head with a forearm and hand protruding from the top of it. Like most of the fighters in ARMS, he has spiraled irises. Similarly, he also appears to have extendable ARMS. He wears a red, diamond-shaped mask and a navy blue bow tie.


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  • Biff is voiced by Yū Kobayashi, the voice of fellow Nintendo character Lucina, in the Japanese Nintendo Direct for ARMS. [2]
  • The Tri-Shot Biffler ARM is named after Biff.
  • Biff's name is similar to an onomatopoeia in comics used when a character punches.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese コブッシー
Sounds similar to 拳 (kobushi, meaning fist)
 Chinese 拳布师
Quán bù shī
 Dutch Armadeus From ARMS and Amadeus, a Dutch given name
 French Globule Globule
 German Armadeus From ARMS and Amadeus, a German given name
 Italian Armando From Armando, an Italian given name, and ARMS
 Russian Бифф
Transcription of English name
 Spanish (NOA) Manuelucho From Manuel, a Spanish given name, which prefix can be interpreted as mano, hand, and luchar, to fight
 Spanish (NOE) Puñejandro From puño, Spanish for fist, and Alejandro, a Spanish given name

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