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Type Glove
Attribute Fire Fire
Weight Medium
Default Fighter Icon-Spring Man.png Spring Man
Brand Brand1.svg

The Toaster is a Glove-type ARMS weapon with the Fire attribute.



The Toaster is a appears similar red boxing glove with metallic furnishes and an embossed, striped pattern on the back. When it is charged, the metal sides of the glove open up to reveal several light bulbs.


"Packing a fiery punch with a good balance of offense and defense, you can't call yourself a real fighter until you master these bad boys."
Official Description

  • The Toaster functions as a basic boxing glove when uncharged.
  • After charging, its Fire attribute activates, allowing it to easily knock down and burn opponents.
  • A Rush will increase the weight class of the glove to Heavy for the duration of the attack.

Technical data[edit]


Uncharged Charged
90 120
30 25 20x2 10x8 40

Frame data[edit]

Charge state Grounded Aerial
Extension speed Retraction speed Extension speed Retraction speed
Maximum duration (uncharged) 68 frames (1.13 sec. approx) 14 frames (0.23 sec. approx) 69 frames (1.15 sec. approx) 14 frames (0.23 sec. approx)
Maximum duration (charged) 62 frames (1.03 sec. approx) 14 frames (0.23 sec. approx) 63 frames (1.05 sec. approx) 14 frames (0.23 sec. approx)
Maximum duration (Rush) TBD TBD TBD TBD

Note: ARMS runs at 30 fps when in three or four player split screen, meaning all frame counts are halved.

Note: All frame data shown is tested using Spring Man.

Note: All frame data shown are from punches that do not contact the opponent and are started at the maximum range possible.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese トースター
 Dutch Toaster Toaster
 French Toaster Toaster
 German Toaster Toaster
 Italian Forno Oven
 Russian Тостер
Transcription of English name
 Spanish Tostador Toaster

Version history[edit]

Version history
1.0.0 Added to game.


  • The Toaster was the second glove in ARMS to be revealed, appearing in the live action segment of the reveal trailer during the 2017 Nintendo Switch Presentation.
  • Barq uses the Toaster in his AI controlled punches.
  • The Toaster is the only ARM available in the ARM Getter mode, so no other ARM can be selected. This can let any character use the Toasters without unlocking them, making the Toaster the only ARM with this quality.