Smash Out 2019

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Smash Out 2019
Dates 2019-11-16
Participants 14
Location St. Louis, USA
Prize Pool N/A
Winner Mileve

Smash Out 2019 was an ARMS tournament held on November 15th, 2019 at Saint Louis University's Center in St. Louis, USA, dedicated to tackling food insecurity in STL. The tournament was won by Mileve with StyloRen coming in 2nd and N-man coming in 3rd.


Full results

Placement Player Fighter(s) used
1st Mileve Icon-Mechanica.png
2nd StyloRen Icon-Lola Pop.png
3rd N-man Icon-Min Min.png
4th Dendy Icon-Master Mummy.png
5th TameDame Icon-Misango.png
5th Dastardly Icon-Dr. Coyle.png
7th Luna-Gabs Icon-Ribbon Girl.png
7th Table Icon-Helix.png

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