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ARMS League Logo

The ARMS League is an organization responsible for ARMS fighting matches. A version of its logo is featured prominently in most stages.

The League provides the Get Arms service[1], and part of its logo appears on the practice targets. The ARMS League also distributes special masks manufactured by ARMS Labs that help people afflicted with ARMS to control their ability. These masks are distributed for free to anyone with the ARMS ability.


Max Brass is both the commissioner and champion of the ARMS League. Biff is a professional commentator for the League.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese ARMS協会
ARMS kyoukai
ARMS Organization
 Dutch ARMS-sportbond ARMS league
 French Ligue ARMS ARMS League
 German ARMS Liga ARMS League
 Italian Lega ARMS ARMS League
 Russian Лига ARMS
ARMS League
 Spanish Liga ARMS ARMS League
 Portuguese Liga ARMS ARMS League


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