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Full Name Eve S.
Country Canada
Main Mechanica

Mileve is an ARMS player from Canada who mains Mechanica. She engaged in a broad range of community contributions including competing at a top-level, streaming, organizing tournaments, and commentating. Mileve is one of the most prominent Mechanica users in the world and North America, as well as one of the most prominent female community members. She was the host of the Scrapstar Tournament Series and is currently sponsored by Illuzion Gaming for ARMS.

Mileve first discovered ARMS through watching the ARMS Direct on May 17th, 2017 which first introduced the ARMS Global Testpunch. She played within these testing periods, at first using motion controls which she found frustrating and later finding out about and using button controls which allowed her to enjoy the game much more. After a montage Mileve uploaded of her experiences with the Testpunch events[1] got fairly popular, she decided to buy the game upon its release. Despite that, she didn't come into contact with the competitive community until a few months later. In early Fall of 2017, Mileve joined the crew "ARMS of the North" (abbreviated as AotN) which featured some of the best competitors in Canada at the time. Starting in late 2017 and extending into a decent portion of 2018, she ran an event series known as The Scrapyard which utilized a variety of unique challenges and rules throughout each event.

In January of 2018, Mileve joined BreakThrough eSports (abbreviated BTe) for ARMS before her trip to EVO Japan 2018. At that event, she managed to place 4th which made her the second highest placing ARMS player from the West. This placement's notoriety did not go unnoticed as Mileve was later offered to be flown out to the Tokaigi ARMS Japan Grand Prix Invitational 2018 that February to which she accepted. She managed to place 3rd in the tournament, tying with Resolve for the highest placement of the four flown out North American players. After this event, Mileve had some interactions with the team Set to Destroy X (abbreviated StDx), though these were short lived and very limited. Later that month, she also traveled to Pennsylvania for Winter Brawl 12. In March of 2018, Mileve and BTe parted ways as the team fully disbanded. Later that month, she traveled to California to play and commentate ARMS at Norcal Regionals 2018, which she managed to place 1st at. Mileve took two more trips in June of 2018, the first being June 1st-3rd to Wisconsin for Smash'N'Splash 4 and the other being June 23rd-24th to California for 2GG: Hyrule Saga. Sometime in mid-2018, Mileve formed the crew Hugs on Impact (abbreviated HOI) which lasted for a short time due to difficulties managing it among her time and energy. She also joined Masked eSports at one point, though that partnership was fairly short lived as well. In October, Mileve joined Flourish Esports as a streamer and ARMS player[2], though the team only lasted for a few months into 2019. Mileve's 2018 in ARMS was wrapped up with Smash Out 2018 in Saint Louis, Missouri where she placed 5th. Including events around her area in Canada, Mileve traveled to ten different offline ARMS events in 2018 with most requiring flights.

On February 9th, 2019, Mileve attended Heart of Battle where she placed 5th. Just two days later, she began running the Scrapstar Series, an weekly ARMS tournament which featured events for North America and Europe. This series would eventually feature numerous special events as well as a shortly lived South American edition. In March of 2019, Mileve started to run the ARMS local Chance of Flurries which had numerous installments throughout the rest of the year. In April, she organized an event open to all around the globe titled Regional Lag Festival due to the expected amount of lag the competitors would face against players on other sides of the planet. The podium placements of this event managed to be one player from the USA, one from Europe, and one from Japan coincidentally furthered the global embodiment of the event. A sequel to this event was held in August of 2019. On May 31st through June 2nd, Mileve attended Smash'N'Splash 5 and placed 9th. At this major, she did commentary work for the ARMS tournament, co-casting alongside Hamma. After a persistent push from Dendy, Mileve was recruited by Illuzion Gaming soon after this event concluded[3]. Later that year during the Fall, she created and organized the ARMS North American Online Power Ranking to showcase a ranking of the best players in North America based on their performance in online events. Her inspiration for this ranking was a similar one that Europe had been doing for some time. The ranking would feature an invitational at the end of each Season with community funded prize pools as well as a stream. Mileve headed the Power Ranking staff until Season 6 in early 2021 when she gave the position to Frosty. Mileve once again attended Smash Out in 2019, managing to take 1st place.

In April of 2020, after numerous ARMS related announcements from Nintendo in March, the ARMS North American Online Open (April 2020) was held which Mileve ran an unofficial community stream for. Throughout this year, she also commentated a variety of events besides her own including Temple Tantrum, Default Derby, and Low Kick Online. In July, Mileve began running the Battle for Stardom series which had events featuring only a single playable fighter. On November 12th, 2020, Mileve announced that she was suspending all of her active ARMS endeavors, including the Scrapstar Series and Battle for Stardom, and taking a step back from the ARMS community to focus more on speedrunning and playing other games. Over her active years in the community, Mileve's consistent support for the game, both online and offline, was evident throughout her career in ARMS and many still consider her among the best streamers and Mechanica players to grace the competitive scene.


Mileve often makes use of numerous ARMS including, but not limited to, the Nade, Triblast, Funchuk, Whammer, and Slapamander. These ARM choices still persist even against heavy opponents. She excels at chipping away at opponent's health bars utilizing explosions from Explosion ARMS and flinches from Stun ARMS.


Tournament Date Location Placement Tournament Type
Mega League Monday 7 October 23, 2017 Online 1st Online
Mega League Monday 10 November 13, 2017 Online 1st Online
Mega League Monday 17 January 8, 2018 Online 1st Online
G7 ARMS Online January 13th, 2018 Online 9th Online
EVO Japan 2018 January 26-28 2018 Tokyo, Japan 4th Major
Tokaigi ARMS Japan Grand Prix Invitational 2018 February 10, 2018 Chiba, Japan 3rd Major
Winter Brawl 12 February 24-25, 2018 Essington, PA 5th Major
Norcal Regionals 2018 March 30-April 1, 2018 Sacramento, CA 1st Regional
Smash'N'Splash 4 (Customs) June 1-3, 2018 Wisconsin Dells, WI 17th Major
Smash'N'Splash 4 (Defaults) June 1-3, 2018 Wisconsin Dells, WI 25th Major
2GG: Hyrule Saga June 23-24, 2018 Long Beach, CA 2nd Major
Iron Fist Fridays 1 October 26-27, 2018 Online 9th Online
Smash Out 2018 December 15, 2018 St. Louis, MO 5th Major
Heart of Battle February 9, 2019 Norwalk, CA 5th Regional
Chance of Flurries: Below Freezing March 9, 2019 Red Deer, Canada 1st Local
Chance of Flurries 3 May 4, 2019 Red Deer, Canada 1st Local
Champions of the Era 40 May 12, 2019 Online 1st Online
Smash'N'Splash 5 May 31-June 2, 2019 Wisconsin Dells, WI 9th Major
Chance of Flurries 4 July 20, 2019 Red Deer, Canada 1st Local
Chance of Flurries 5 August 17, 2019 Red Deer, Canada 2nd Local
Temple Tantrum August 25, 2019 Online 1st Online
Chance of Flurries 6 September 21, 2019 Red Deer, Canada 1st Local
Champions of the Era 51 October 6, 2019 Online 1st Online
Temple Tantrum 5 October 27, 2019 Online 1st Online
Smash Out 2019 November 16, 2019 St. Louis, MO 1st Regional
The Biweekly Procrastination 39 February 2, 2020 Online 1st Online
ARMS North American Online Open (April 2020) April 4, 2020 Online 33rd Online
Polaris Punchout April 18, 2020 Online 5th Online
The Biweekly Procrastination 48 June 18, 2020 Online 4th Online
The Steel Trap #4 July 16, 2020 Online 3rd Online
ARMS North American Open (October 2020) October 3-4, 2020 Online 9th Online
Temple Tantrum 24 October 9, 2020 Online 2nd Online
Anniversary Armageddon Day 1 - The Appetizer June 16, 2022 Online 7th Online


  • Despite the phrase originating from Kookiez, Mileve has been known to often proclaim "Kid Cobra is hot".
  • Mileve uses a virtual avatar for her streams that is Kirby with Mechanica's goggles, hair, and headphones. Said avatar is also her brand mascot.
  • Mileve has done commentary and announcing work for numerous speedrunning events.
    • Through streaming, she eventually became known for speedrunning Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards as well as being the first person to do the Kirby Dream Collection marathon run.
  • Mileve's first stream was on November 12th, 2016 and began as primarily a variety streamer.
  • The Scrapstar Discord Server has been known to be more strict with problematic individuals, evidently having less hesitation to ban those who break guidelines and rules. This is a result of Mileve's goal to have the server be an inclusive and welcoming space for all.

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Gameplay Videos

Hyrule Saga - Mileve Vs Jiko Losers Semis Arms - Top 4
EVO Japan 2018 - ARMS: GoreMagala vs. AotN | Mileve - Top 8
EVO Japan 2018 - ARMS: Sukuran vs. AotN | Mileve - Top 8
EVO Japan 2018 - ARMS: Cuvelia vs. AotN | Mileve - Top 8
NCR 2018 ARMS Winners Finals - AotN | Mileve vs HESS
NCR 2018 ARMS Grand Finals - AotN | Mileve (W) vs TCM | Kholdstare (L)
Ultra WBB #124 Mileve (Mechanica) vs MWE|SlosherWailord (Max Brass) - Winners Semi Finals - ARMS
Hyrule Saga - Mileve (Mechanica) Vs Damian (Min Min) Losers Finals - ARMS
Hyrule Saga - Mileve (Mechanica) Vs Gouf (Max Brass) Grand Finals - ARMS
Smash Out 2019 ARMS - Iluz | Mileve (Mechanica) Vs. RT | TameDame (Misango) - Winners Round 2
Smash Out 2019 ARMS - Iluz | Mileve (Mechanica) Vs. TP | Stylo Ren (Lola Pop) - Grand Finals