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This article is about the extendable limbs. For other uses, see ARMS (disambiguation).

"ARMS, capital A-R-M-S, can extend like springs. An unusual ability shrouded in mystery..."

ARMS fighters—even human ones—do not fight using ordinary human arms. Instead, they use a pair of extendable limbs called ARMS. Most fighters have extendable ARMS where a human's arms would normally be, but this is not always the case.

Fighters make use of various weapons, also called ARMS, while fighting. They wear the weapons on their hands, just as boxers wear boxing gloves.


The origins of extendable ARMS are unknown. Debated origins include heredity, mutation, and even experimentation by extraterrestrial life. All attempts by historians to find answers have ended in failure. Individuals with the "Gift of ARMS" often participate in the ARMS League.

The earliest depiction of the phenomenon discovered so far dates about 1500 years, but experts argue that these ARMS may have existed since 4000 years ago. This phenomenon is also found in animals and plants.[1] Old tales have described the bearers of this ability as a rarity, which led to those with ARMS in ancient times being revered by many,[2] but the number of people with ARMS has increased dramatically since, with about 20% of the worldwide population having it at present—possibly more, as the statistic discounts anyone who may not have reported the ability.

Most cases of ARMS transmutation happen overnight, and are often noticed when waking up. This transformation happens commonly to those at the age of 10. The eldest person bearing this phenomenon is 74 years old. While there have been cases where this ability has struck since birth, this is very rare.[3] The probability of the ARMS being congenital appears to be 1 in 100,000. Kid Cobra appears to be one of these ability holders since birth. He always wears a mask and his race hasn't been revealed yet, making him an interesting and rare target to survey.[4]

It has been stated that the masks the fighters are wearing stabilizes the coil shape in the ARMS, and that the arms return to normal when the mask is taken off.[5] Attempting to use ARMS without the mask typically results in them changing shape involuntarily or even unraveling.


Each fighter has extendable ARMS that are based on the fighter's theme. For example:

  • Spring Man's ARMS are made of blue metallic springs with red insides.
  • Ribbon Girl's ARMS are made of magenta ribbons with a single white stripe.
  • Ninjara's ARMS are made of large, silver chains.
  • Master Mummy's ARMS are made of off-white linen strips with faded purple shapes on them.
  • Min Min's ARMS are made of ramen noodles. One of her powers has her change her left arm to have green dragon scales.
  • Mechanica pilots a mech that has artificial ARMS made of bright yellow metal plates and black electrical cables arranged in a coil shape.
  • Twintelle does not possess ARMS in the literal sense; however, her silvery twin tails function identically.
  • Byte's ARMS are made of golden clockwork mainsprings.
  • Kid Cobra's ARMS appear similar to the body of a purple snake with a light blue underside.
  • Helix's ARMS are made of giant blue and pink DNA molecules or are at least designed to look like them.
  • Max Brass's ARMS are made up of championship belts he has won over the years.
  • Lola Pop's ARMS are made of pink and yellow taffy with a sugary coating.
  • Misango's ARMS are made of misangas.
  • Springtron's ARMS are made of metal.
  • Dr. Coyle has copper arms with coils going around them, possibly referencing electromagnetic induction.
  • Biff has yellow ARMS matching the rest of his body.
  • Hedlok's ARMS are made of silver metallic springs with red insides, resembling Spring Man's.
  • The Cell has DNA molecule ARMS like Helix, but they are gray instead of pink and blue.


  • Mechanica and Twintelle are the only fighters with normal human arms.



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