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Badges are optional collectables that when unlocked can be displayed alongside a player's name in matches. They can be acquired by completing various achievements and reward Token.svg upon adding them to your collection. Badges come in two different types: Gold badges have a fixed design and are normally associated with major milestones. Silver badges have a randomly selected design for every person who unlocks them and are typically awarded upon the completion of minor tasks.

The currently known number of obtainable badges is 63 gold badges and 86 silver ones, adding up to a total of 149.

List of Badges with Fixed Designs[edit]

Description Reward Design
You launched ARMS for the first time!
That was an excellent decision.
Token.svg0 Ico badge74.png
You hit rank 16 in
Ranked Match. The ARMS
League has started to notice!
Token.svg200 Ico badge77.png
You've sprung into action for 50 rounds!
Spring Man must be your go-to guy.
Token.svg60 Ico badge83.png
Have you been hitting the Spring Gym?
You've fought 500
whole rounds as Spring Man!
Token.svg200 Ico badge86.png
You've defeated Spring Man
100 times! Let's see
him bounce back from that.
Token.svg100 Ico badge89.png
Talk about a superfan!
You've performed as Ribbon Girl for 50 rounds.
Token.svg60 Ico badge92.png
TBD Token.svg200 Ico badge95.png
Ribbon Girl must be tying herself up in knots...
'cause you've beat her 100 times!
Token.svg100 Ico badge98.png
You've fought 50 rounds as Ninjara?!
Didn't see that coming...
Token.svg60 Ico badge101.png
TBD Token.svg200 Ico badge104.png
You've won 100 rounds against Ninjara!
Guess you see right through those ninja tricks.
Token.svg100 Ico badge107.png
Way to be undead on arrival!
You've fought as Master Mummy for 50 rounds!
Token.svg60 Ico badge110.png
You've competed as Master Mummy
500 times! Terrifying your
opponents can be quite motivating.
Token.svg200 Ico badge113.png
You've defeated Master Mummy in 100 rounds, which begs the question: How?! Token.svg100 Ico badge116.png
Someone's hungry for action!
You've played as Min Min
for 50 rounds!
Token.svg60 Ico badge119.png
TBD Token.svg200 Ico badge122.png
You've burned Min Min 100 times. Now that's gotta hurt! Token.svg100 Ico badge125.png
Rev those engines! You've wrecked it as Mechanica for 50 rounds. Token.svg60 Ico badge128.png
TBD Token.svg200 Ico badge131.png
Who doesn't love a scrappy ending? That makes 100 wins against Mechanica! Token.svg100 Ico badge134.png
You've headlined 50 rounds as Twintelle. The fans are going wild! Token.svg60 Ico badge137.png
You've starred in 500 rounds as Twintelle! So, do you do all your own stunts? Token.svg200 Ico badge140.png
So much for star power... You've won 100 rounds against Twintelle! Token.svg100 Ico badge143.png
What a team player! You've worn the badge as Byte & Barq for 50 rounds. Token.svg60 Ico badge146.png
TBD Token.svg200 Ico badge149.png
There's nothing artificial about your intelligence. You've beat Byte & Barq 100 times! Token.svg100 Ico badge152.png
You've entered 50 rounds as
Kid Cobra. That's a whole lotta
snakeboarding vids.
Token.svg60 Ico badge155.png
TBD Token.svg200 Ico badge158.png
You've won 100 rounds against Kid Cobra! Could you be the next snakeboarding sensation?! Token.svg100 Ico badge161.png
You've experimented with Helix
for 50 rounds. Time to
analyze the results!
Token.svg60 Ico badge164.png
You've fought as Helix 500 times.
Way to embrace
the mystery of science!
Token.svg200 Ico badge167.png
You've defeated Helix 100 times. Good thing he doesn't have feelings, 'cause this would be disappointing. Token.svg100 Ico badge170.png
You've got 50 rounds as
Max Brass under your belt!
Or is it belts?
Token.svg60 Ico badge173.png
Max Brass has been your fighter of
choice for 500 rounds. You've
got incredible taste!
Token.svg200 Ico badge176.png
You've beat Max Brass 100 times! You outchamped the champ! Token.svg100 Ico badge179.png
You've been living the sweet life for 50 rounds as Lola Pop! Token.svg60 Ico badge182.png
TBD Token.svg200 Ico badge185.png
You've won 100 rounds against Lola Pop! Nothing's gonna sour that experience. Token.svg100 Ico badge188.png
You won your very first Grand Prix.
Now you can hold your head high!
Token.svg60 Ico badge197.png
You won the Grand Prix at level 4
or higher! A new champion has
entered the arena!
Token.svg100 Ico badge200.png
You're champion of the level 7
Grand Prix. Today, a legend is born...
Token.svg200 Ico badge203.png
You've won the level 7 Grand Prix as
every character?! That makes you an
honorary member of the ARMS League!
Token.svg200 Ico badge206.png
You won the level 7 Grand Prix with
a perfect score! You might just be
commissioner material...
Token.svg400 Ico badge209.png
You took down a total of 100
enemies in Warm-Up mode!
Way to raise the temp!
Token.svg30 Ico badge257.png
You took down a total of 2,500
enemies in Warm-Up mode! Geez.
What did these guys ever do to you?
Token.svg100 Ico badge260.png
You defeated 100 in 1-on-100
for the first time! How ONE-derful.
Token.svg60 Ico badge218.png
You cleared 1-on-100 in less
than 3:24.16?! Not even
the devs can believe it!
Token.svg200 Ico badge221.png
You defeated Springtron - that
scary-looking interloper - during the
Grand Prix. Nothing fazes you!
Token.svg200 Ico badge224.png
You lost 2 Ranked Matches
in a row! Insert crash-and-burn
sound effect here.
N/A Ico badge80.png
You've earned Token.svg1,000.
Looks like you're raking it in!
Token.svg60 Ico badge251.png
TBD Token.svg200 Ico badge254.png
You've thrown over 1,000 punches!
Not too shabby…
Token.svg60 Ico badge191.png
TBD N/A Ico badge194.png
You completed a training session.
Huh. You already look smarter.
Token.svg10 Ico badge227.png
All your training is complete! Now
that you've got the basics down,
put 'em into action!
Token.svg60 Ico badge230.png
You racked up over 5,000
points in ARM Getter! Let's hope
you got the one you wanted.
Token.svg60 Ico badge212.png
You got over 30,780 points in ARMS Getter!
Even the dev team's impressed!
Token.svg200 Ico badge215.png
You played using the thumbs-up grip
for the first time! Thumbs-up!
Token.svg10 Ico badge233.png
TBD Token.svg200 Ico badge236.png
You kept things compact and
played with a single Joy-Con
for the first time. Nice!
Token.svg10 Ico badge239.png
You've fought 500 rounds using
a single Joy-con. It's small but mighty!
Token.svg200 Ico badge242.png
You played using a dual-stick
grip for the first time.
That's doubly awesome.
Token.svg10 Ico badge245.png
You played 500 rounds
uaing dual-stick grip.
Stick with what works!
Token.svg200 Ico badge248.png

List of Badges with Random Designs[edit]

Description Reward
You played Fight for the first time!
Just let that soak in…
You KO'd an opponent using
a rush! That's gotta feel good.
Your multiplayer fight ended
in a draw. Somehow that's
worthy of a prize!
You delivered a double KO
for the first time. Now you've
got a taste for it...
You had a perfect round.
This calls for a celebration!
You had two perfect rounds in a row.
This is clearly your calling!
You entered the ARMS Grand Prix for
the first time! You'll remember
this moment for the rest of your life.
You played 1-on-100 for the first time!
That would put anyone on edge.
You played Party Match for the
first time. The more the merrier!
You earned Token.svg50 in a single
Party Match. It pays to party!
You earned Token.svg100 in a single
Party Match. Who knew that partying
was such a lucrative business?
You earned Token.svg200 in a single
Party Match. You are a party animal!
You beat the streak challenge
with a 25% handicap. Guess you
like to make things hard on yourself.
You beat the streak challenge
with a 50% handicap. Now you're
just showing off.
You beat the streak challenge
with a 75% handicap.
You played Skillshot
for the first time! Now
can you get the highest score?
You earned 500 points in one
shot in Skillshot! Now that's skill.
You played V-Ball for the first time!
Heads up—the ball explodes.
You scored a perfect game in V-Ball!
Bump, set, and spike!
You played Hoops for the first time!
Quick tip—you can make a dunk
if you shoot close to the net.
You won a game of Hoops with a
buzzer-beater! What a game!
You played Team Fight for
the first time. It's all about
making those combos!
You played VS Hedlok for the
first time! Let's hope you don't
get any nightmares.
You won VS Hedlok without
using any rush attacks. How
patient of you!
You played Hedlok Scramble
for the first time! If you can
control Hedlok, you can do anything!
You've made Hedlok a real
winner in Hedlok Scramble.
Not sure if that's a good thing...
You played ARM Getter for the
first time. Get anything good?
You got over 10,000 points
in ARM Getter! Can anyone do…
You won your first match in ARMS Test.
It's always good to know
your own strength.
You've won 5 in a row
in ARMS Test! You're not a
beginner anymore!
You've won 10 in a row
in ARMS Test! You're making a
name for yourself, kid.
You've won 20 in a row
in ARMS Test! What's left to test?
You took down a total of 500
enemies in Warm-Up mode!
Things are getting hot!
You took down a total of 1,000
enemies in Warm-Up mode!
Don't burn yourself now...
You've fought in 50 rounds!
Seems like you've got this ARMS
thing under control.
You've fought in 100 rounds!
There's no way you can leave now...
You're in too deep.
You've fought in 150 rounds!
We've got a regular ARMS
enthusiast on our hands.
You've fought in 200 rounds!
Just admit it-you're a fan.
You've fought in 250 rounds!
Wow. You really like to punch stuff!
You've fought in 300 rounds!
Aren't you getting tired?
You've fought in 350 rounds!
What passion! What grace!
You've fought in 400 rounds!
You clearly understand that ARMS
is a classy game for classy people.
You've fought in 450 rounds!
How many punches is that?
You've fought in 500 rounds!
That's a serious commitment.
You've fought in 550 rounds!
Obsession?! This isn't an obsession!
Oh wait... Yes, it is.
You've fought in 600 rounds!
Doing anything else is a waste of time!
You've fought in 650 rounds!
Playing ARMS is like breathing...but
more important.
You've fought in 700 rounds!
ARMS is the best! Tell all your friends!
You've earned Token.svg2,000.
Where are you going to spend it?
Hint, hint… The ARM Getter.
You've earned Token.svg3,000.
Your piggy bank is fattening up!
You've earned Token.svg5,000.
Have you considered making a
donation to the ARMS League?
You've earned Token.svg10,000.
That's a small fortune!
You've thrown over 2,500 punches!
Way to strong-arm it!
You’ve thrown over 5,000 punches!
Is that even physically possible?!
You've thrown over 10,000 punches!
You're a punching maniac!
You've thrown over 15,000 punches!
You must work out.
you've thrown over 20,000 punches!
Ever thought about kicking
every once in a while?
You smashed a rare target for the first time
in Warm-Up mode! Nailed it!
You smashed a total of 5 rare
targets in Warm-Up mode!
That's an auspicious start.
You smashed a total of 10 rare
targets in Warm-Up mode! You don't
need luck anymore.
You smashed a total of 15 rare
targets in Warm-Up mode! Is this
even a challenge for you at this point?
You've collected 10 ARMS!
Time to mix 'n' match.
You've collected 50 ARMS!
Each and every one has been officially
certified by the ARMS League.
You've collected 100 ARMS!
(ARMS are nonrefundable and cannot
be exchanged for goods and services.)
You've collected 500 ARMS!
Each and every ARM is crafted
with love and care.
You've collected 30 badges!
That's something to write home about.
You've collected 50 badges!
You put the "achieve" in
You recovered over 300 HP
in one round. That makes you the
comeback kid…or a medical marvel.
You knocked over Barq at least
5 times in a single round.
Poor pup!
You won a fight using Guardian and
Clapback! They say the best offense
is a good defense. But who are...they?
You won a match using Dragon
and Ice Dragon! You can never
have too much dragon.
You won a match using Phoenix
and Thunderbird! Look who's
flying high now!
You've won at least one battle with
every ARM! Do you have a favorite?
You played Ranked Match
for the first time. You
gotta start somewhere!
You won 3 Ranked Matches
in a row. You're unstoppable!
you won 5 Ranked Matches
in a row. You're on a roll!
You hit rank 6 in
Ranked Match.
You're going places, kid!
You hit rank 11 in
Ranked Match.
Keep climbing the ladder!

List of Random Designs[edit]