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Type Hammer
Attribute Stun Stun
Weight Heavy
Default Fighter Icon-Mechanica.png Mechanica

The Whammer is an ARMS weapon with the Stun attribute. It is one of the default ARMS for Mechanica, along with the Revolver and Homie.


"These bulky ARMS shrug off attacks and give great peace of mind! Originally developed for construction, they're now refined for competition."
Official Description

The ARM hones in on the targeted enemy Fighter, appearing and then smashing them from above, like a hammer. This allows for Fighters a brief window of opportunity to dash either left or right. It can be curved to change which direction it travels towards the targeted enemy Fighter. When charged, it moves quicker and stuns stuns the enemy Fighter on impact.

The ARM is blue and green, and shaped like a hammer, with logos plastered over most surfaces.


Uncharged Charged
100 120

When powered up, the Whammer deals 10 extra damage, like every other ARM.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese ヘビィハンマー
Hebī Hanmā
Heavy Hammer
 Dutch Supersloper Super demolisher
 French Marteau Hammer
 German Jumbo-Hammer Jumbo Hammer
 Italian Martellone From martello, hammer
 Russian Кувалда
 Spanish Martillo Hammer