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The Clockwork Cops
Byte & Barq
Basic Information
Height6' 2" (189 cm)
Weight265 lb (120 kg) Total
AffiliationBeach Patrol
StageBuster Beach
HobbiesAvoiding salt water, fetch
Official Stats
Arm Girth2/5
Water Resistance1/5
Grab Damage150
Walking Speed100%
Dash Distance92.5%
Charge Dash Distance95%
Air Dash Distance75%
Jump Distance90%
Max Charge Time1.6 seconds
Rush Dash Distance120%
Standard ARMS

"Bad guys, beware! Our favorite police team is on a new beat. Give a warm welcome to Byte & Barq! An unlikely duo, Byte's a standard-model patrol unit and Barq's a tin pup trained to search for lost items. They've been on duty for a while now, but are eager to get back to their true love—fighting!"

Byte & Barq are playable fighters in ARMS. They are a robotic duo that fight alongside each other. Byte is a tall police robot, while Barq is a cubic robot dog with a wheel for movement. Byte is controlled by the player, and Barq is controlled by an AI.


Byte is a humanoid robot whose extendable ARMS resemble clockwork mainsprings. He has large wind-up keys on his shoulders. Though he does not seem to be wearing clothes, his design is reminiscent of a police uniform, complete with a badge on his "hat."

Byte's robotic canine partner Barq is shaped like a dog's head mounted on a single wheel. He wears sunglasses and, like Byte, has a beacon light on top of his head. These lights will flash when Byte & Barq's arms are charged.


"The duo of police-robot Byte and dog-robot Barq makes for an intimidating beach-patrol team. In the heat of battle, Byte is known to take a big leap off Barq and rain down punches on opponents! But if they win the ARMS Grand Prix, who's gonna patrol Buster Beach?!"
Official description

Byte and Barq are a pair of beach patrol robots for Buster Beach. According to the Gallery on ARMS Lab Confidential 13's text, pairs would normally not be allowed to compete in the Grand Prix, but they were able to participate because, during the inspection, they showed up in their combined form with Barq pretending to be Byte's head. Even among "second generation" fighters, Byte and Barq were unique, and even after they were found out to be a pair they were still able to compete due to their popularity.



The intended playstyle of Byte & Barq heavily revolves around negating Byte's mediocre stats by strategically utilizing Barq. Byte is somewhat slow, is considerably tall, and has an unorthodox dash, leaving him somewhat vulnerable on his own. Barq is AI controlled and can attack and move, enabling him to extend combos or take hits for Byte. Using a Rush will instantly revive Barq and merge him with Byte, removing the former from the playing field but instantly reviving him if he is knocked out. In addition, Byte's air game is greatly bolstered by Barq, who can be jumped on through several different approaches and behaves like a spring, Byte's ARMS will be charged when launched up. An aura that parries oncoming attacks which surround Barq when he is jumped on. Barq can be knocked out for five seconds at a time, and takes some time to return to Byte on occasion.


By default, Barq will stay forward and to the right of Byte, though, between Barq's relatively slow movement speed and the potential for them to be separated (i.e. if Byte gets thrown), this is sometimes difficult to maintain. If Barq cannot reach his default position of forward and to the right due to an obstruction, his default position is moved to the same position but on Byte's left, and the converse is true as well. In addition, when Byte guards, or when an opponent fighter targeting Byte uses their Rush, Barq will move to directly in front of Byte.

Barq's ARM resembles the Toaster. It does 30 damage uncharged, and while charged it does 60 and inflicts Fire damage. Barq's punches are based on a timer. This timer will only be active if Byte is not blocking, dashing, or jumping. Barq will throw a punch every five seconds if Byte does not attack. If Byte performs a punch, Barq will throw one a second later as long as no other action is being performed. After this punch, the timer resumes its five second cycle. If Byte's ARMS are charged, Barq's ARM will also be charged, and he will punch at the same time. If the punch timer is not active while Byte is knocked down, Barq will immediately punch along with Byte after he gets up.[1]


The Dog and Cop Duo are challenging to push their max potential, but specialize in redirecting focus, and capitalizing. Barq by himself can provide slight support for with his punches, and can give an elevation advantage through Byte jumping on his head. He can also provide Byte with some mixups and extra pressure with his occasional punches.

However, he really shines by acting as a mobile, one-hit shield. If an opponent tries to take out Barq, Byte can capitalize on their lapse in concentration and punish, whether up close, or at range.

ARM Recommendations

This duo works well with ARMS that can harass and interrupt the opponents movement at range, or provide lots of pressure up close. This complements both of their strengths in ranged play, and close pressure. Some examples include:

Version history

Version history
1.0.0 Added to game.
1.1.0 Fixed issue where Barq would warp a great distance away after Byte & Barq perform a rush attack while on a snake board.
2.1.0 Barq now gets up quicker.
3.2.0 Decreased time interval between Byte and Barq’s respective attacks.
4.0.0 Dash speed has been decreased.
5.2.0 When jumping while on top of Barq, fixed an issue where a shockwave could be seen emanating from Byte as well.

Fixed an issue where, under certain conditions, the switch on Barqs head would stay pushed in.

Related Badges

Main article: Badge Stash
Description Reward Design Unlock Criteria
What a team player! You've
worn the badge as Byte & Barq
for 50 rounds.
60 Play as Byte & Barq 50 times.
You've fought 500 rounds
as Byte & Barq! The beach has
never been safer.
200 Play as Byte & Barq 500 times.
There's nothing artificial about
your intelligence. You've beat
Byte & Barq 100 times!
100 Defeat Byte & Barq 100 times.
Byte & Barq have lost 250
rounds against you! Barq gets
spooked just looking at you now.
200 Defeat Byte & Barq 250 times.
You reached level 5
in the 6th Party Crash! Choosing
Byte & Barq really paid off.
30 Choose Byte & Barq in the sixth Party Crash event and reach level 5 (no longer obtainable), or get it randomly from the random badges (levels 15-30) obtainable in future Party Crashes.
You made it to level 10
in the 6th Party Crash?
Byte & Barq would be so proud.
30 Choose Byte & Barq in the sixth Party Crash event and reach level 10 (no longer obtainable), or get it randomly from the random badges (levels 15-30) obtainable in future Party Crashes.
You reached level
5 in the 15th Party Crash!
Nice Work, Byte & Barq!
30 Choose Byte & Barq in the fifteenth Party Crash event and reach level 5 (no longer obtainable), or get it randomly from the random badges (levels 15-30) obtainable in future Party Crashes.
You reached level
10 in the 15th Party Crash!
Way to be, Byte & Barq!
30 Choose Byte & Barq in the fifteenth Party Crash event and reach level 10 (no longer obtainable), or get it randomly from the random badges (levels 15-30) obtainable in future Party Crashes.
You've fought in 10 rounds of
Master Mummy vs. Byte & Barq!
60 Participate in 1-on-1 matches between Master Mummy and Byte & Barq adding up to a total of ten or more rounds.
You've fought in 10 rounds of
Byte & Barq vs. Kid Cobra!
60 Participate in 1-on-1 matches between Byte & Barq and Kid Cobra adding up to a total of ten or more rounds.
You won a battle as Byte & Barq
using the Thunderbird. Birds and
dogs-working together at last!
30 Defeat an opponent using Byte & Barq equipped with the Thunderbird on at least one ARM.
You've fought 10 matches using each Byte & Barq color! 60 Play 10 matches for each Byte & Barq's 4 color palettes.

Appearances in other media

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Byte & Barq appear as a Spirit that can be obtained by winning the Spirit Battle in Min Min's DLC Spirits board. They also cameo in Min Min's reveal trailer as well on an electronic billboard in the background of Spring Stadium.




Byte & Barq
Byte & Barq's Costumes
Up Left Right Down





To select a costume, click and hold , then hold in the direction of the desired costume while confirming with . Simply choosing a character without tilting the stick will select the first costume not taken (in the order of up-right-down-left) and if multiple players tilt the stick in the same direction while selecting the same character, they will be the same costume.

Promotional Art

Grand Prix Ending


  • Byte & Barq were revealed during the ARMS Direct 5.17.2017.
  • They are the only characters who fight as a team.
  • Their names come from the phrase "All bark and no bite." Byte's name also references computer bytes a type of digital information stored in a computer.
  • Whenever Byte is knocked down, a metal clanging sound effect can be heard.
  • When Byte is KO'd, Barq will rush to his side, even if he was recently knocked down.
  • Byte and Barq are one of only two characters whose age is unknown, with the other being Master Mummy. However, Byte and Barq are of note in this regard, because they don't even have a listing for their age- the listing for their model is placed where it normally would be.
  • Some of Barq's howls sound somewhat like police sirens.
  • Their model number K-9000 is a reference to the K9 police unit where dogs are used.
  • Byte is one of two playable characters whos voice actor is not known, the other being Helix although Byte’s voice was likely produced by a computer to make it more robotic.
  • Byte & Barq has two different renders; one of them being used in their Grand Prix title card as well as in the main menu. This similarly occurs with Lola Pop.
  • Byte & Barq's grab is tied with Ribbon Girl's for the weakest in the game, only dealing 150 damage to an opponent.

Names in other languages

Byte & Barq

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese バイト&バーク
Baito & Bāku
Byte & Barq
 Chinese (Traditional) 巴特與巴克
Bādahk yúh Bāhāk
Byte and Barq
 Chinese (Simplified) 巴特与巴克
Bātè yǔ Bākè
Byte and Barq
 Dutch Byte & Barq Byte & Barq
 French Byte & Barq Byte & Barq
 German Byte & Barq Byte & Barq
 Italian Byte & Barq Byte & Barq
 Korean 바이트 & 바크
Baiteu & Bakeu
Byte & Barq
 Russian Байт и Барк
Bayt i Bark
Transcription of English name
 Spanish Byte & Barq Byte & Barq

The Clockwork Cops

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese ゼンマイ仕掛けのパトロールコンビ
Zenmaijikake no Patorōru Konbi
Clockwork patrol duo
 Chinese (Traditional) 發條機械的巡邏雙人組
Faattìuh Gēihaaih dīk Chèuhnlòh Sēungyàhnjóu
出動!巡邏雙人組 (Grand Prix)
Chēutduhng! Chèuhnlòh Sēungyàhnjóu
Clockwork Patrol Duo
Mobilize! Patrol Duo
 Chinese (Simplified) 发条机器人巡逻搭档
Fātiáo Jīqìrén Xúnluó Dādàng
出动!巡逻搭档 (Grand Prix)
Chūdòng! Xúnluó Dādàng
Clockwork Patrol Partners
Mobilize! Patrol Partners
 Dutch De lange arm der wet The long arm of the law
 French Les flics mécaniques The mechanical cops
 German Der lange Arm des Gesetzes The long arm of the law
 Italian I piedipiatti robotici The robotic cops
 Russian Патрульные
 Spanish Los policías robotizados The robotized policemen


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