Buster Beach

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Buster Beach
Buster Beach.jpg
Home stage of Byte & Barq
"This island resort is brought to you by the same people who brought you the Grand Prix—the ARMS League! Note that the special platform in the middle of the ring is just low enough that punches won't hit it. If you're looking for a place to spend the afternoon, check out the Hoops and V-Ball courts!"
Official Description

Buster Beach is the home stage of Byte & Barq. Beyond the stage itself, it is a large beach resort with multiple attractions such as the Buster Beach arena, the Hoops Court, the V-Ball Court, Skillshot and the ARM Getter.


This stage is located on a beach, in a circular area surrounded by bleachers. It is constructed mostly of bonded foam mats. Blue bands of what appear to be light surround the arena on all sides, blocking it off. In the front is a large, yellow arch serving as an entryway, emblazoned with the ARMS League logo; another logo is present on the incline of the stage itself. Yellow balloons are visible past the arch and in front is two palm trees. Robots of the same model as Byte appear outside of the ring, cheering him on.


The arena is roughly shaped like a fire hydrant. It has an upper area and a lower area connected by a small slope. In the middle of the upper area, there is a slightly raised rectangular platform.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese バスタービーチ
Basutā Bīchi
Buster Beach
 Chinese (Traditional) 巡邏海灘
Chèuhnlòh Hóitāan
Patrol Beach
 Chinese (Simplified) 巡逻海滩
Xúnluó Hǎitān
Patrol Beach
 Dutch Strandtent Beach tent
 French Plage des galas Scratcher beach
 German Strandpatrouille Beach patrol
 Italian Lido baruffa Scuffle shore
 Russian Берег битв
Bereg bitv
Battle beach
 Spanish Playa de seguridad Security beach
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