Snake Park

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Snake Park
Snake park.jpg
Home stage of Kid Cobra
"This snakeboarding spot is the home base of Kid Cobra's team! Hop on one of the boards, and you can glide across the stage. They're all set up to film the fights here too, so show 'em what you got!"
Official Description

Snake Park is the home stage of Kid Cobra. As its name suggests, it is visually similar to a skateboarding park. It contains two "snakeboards" that can be ridden across the stage. In Version 2.0.0, it was removed from the Ranked Match stage rotation and was replaced with the new stage, Sky Arena.


Snake Park is located under a bridge in a large city. The ring is surrounded by shipping containers, tents, a half-pipe, a graffiti-covered wall, and a Kid Cobra billboard.


This stage is circular, with a central formed uneven concrete area surrounded by a wooden deck.

The primary mechanic of the stage revolves around the two "snakeboards" in the ring; fighters can jump on them to move around quickly. Riding a snakeboard will drastically increase your ability to move around the stage and even allow for a great degree of movement while your ARMS are extended. Jumping while riding a snakeboard will first cause the snakeboard itself to jump up which allows you to punch from higher altitudes as if you were still on the ground, performing a second jump will cause you to dismount off the snakeboard.

Version History

Version history
1.0.0 Added to the game.
2.0.0 Removed from the Ranked Match stage rotation and replaced with Sky Arena.


In-Game Screenshots

Promotional Art


  • Due to the stage's extremely gimmicky nature, it is the only stage that has been removed from Ranked Match, which is replaced by Sky Arena in Version 2.0.0
  • Kid Cobra is able to flip the snakeboard by air-dashing while charged. This is the only way to see the bottom view of the snakeboard at Snake Park.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese スネークパーク
Sunēku Pāku
Snake Park
 Chinese (Traditional) 蛇紋公園
Sèhmàhn Gūngyùhn
Snake Park
 Chinese (Simplified) 蛇纹公园
Shéwén Gōngyuán
Snake Park
 Dutch Slangenkuil Snake pit
 French Glissodrome Slide drome
 German Cobra-Park Cobra Park
 Italian Snake Park Snake Park
 Russian Змеиный парк
Zmeinyy park
Snake park
 Spanish Circuito viperino Viperine circuit
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