Ribbon Ring

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Ribbon Ring
Ribbon Ring.jpg
Home stage of Ribbon Girl
"Ribbon Girl's exclusive concert venue is known for more than its great acoustics. The rising platforms in the center of the stage are always a big hit with the audience. This place can hold 50,000 and every last seat is filled with a Ribbon Girl fan!"
Official Description

Ribbon Ring is a stage in ARMS. It is affiliated with Ribbon Girl, and as such is themed like a concert.


The stage's floor is similar in appearance to a dance floor. The walls of the stage are adorned with lights and speakers. Ribbon Ring seems to not have fans anywhere on the stage, even though there are many people out in the audience waving pink glowsticks.


The stage is square in shape. In its center is a large grid made of blocks that will randomly rise out of the ground, becoming unreachable without jumping at points. These blocks can then be destroyed by being punched.[1]

The raised platforms disappear when hit by ARMS.[2] Some boxes that make up the rising platforms are darker, and have Ribbon Girl's logo on them. These boxes require two hits to break. Others will be colored, indicating that they contain an Item that will activate when their box is broken. The color of the box will change to match the color of the item inside.

Related Badges[edit]

Main article: Badge Stash
Description Reward Design Unlock Criteria
While fighting in Ribbon Ring, 100
light boxes broke on the stage in one
round. They won't just stop coming!
Token.svg30 Badge-Unknown.png Break 100 light boxes in a single round at Ribbon Ring.

Version History[edit]

Version history
1.0.0 Added to the game.
1.1.0 Fixed issue where ARMS such as the Chakram would pass through the purple light boxes in the stage.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese リボンリング
Ribon Ringu
Ribbon Ring
 Dutch Discodome Disco Dome
 French Ribbon Ring Ribbon Ring
 German Ribbon Ring Ribbon Ring
 Italian Arena Disco Disco Arena
 Russian Риббон-Ринг
Ribbon Ring
 Spanish Discolátero


  • Ribbon Ring was first shown in a Nintendo Direct on April 12th, 2017, and later fully revealed by the ARMS Twitter feed on May 9th, 2017.[3]


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