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Home stage of Helix
"The very ARMS laboratory where Helix himself was cultivated! Six glass cylinders with in-progress experiments line the room. The big monitors and scattered books hint at the lab's research."
Official Description

DNA Lab is a stage in ARMS.[1] It is affiliated with Helix and was first shown during the Nintendo Switch presentation in January 2017. The name of the stage was then confirmed in the ARMS Nintendo Direct on May 17, 2017.


As the name suggests, DNA Lab takes place in a laboratory. The stage heavily features metallic supports and has a general green and brown color scheme. Several glass cylinders scattered about the stage feature experiments similar in appearance to Helix encased in a green liquid.


The floor of DNA Lab is rectangular and split into three rows stretching across the stage. The central row is depressed into the ground, connecting to the two outer rows via a small staircase which is completely passeable without any slowdown. The outer rows also feature three damageable glass cylinders on each side, opposite the stage's walls; these act as barriers. They can be broken by hitting them five times. Throwing another fighter into them breaks them instantly.

In Game[edit]

In most Rulesets, this stage is a Counterpick because of its symmetrical design and few obstacles. There are no distracting lights or other hindrances. Because the tubes are destructable, the stage does not support defensive play as much as for example Cinema Deux. It does not give characters an unfair advantage either. It does support the following characters however:

  • Helix, because in his stretched form, his lower body is usually exposed. On this stage, he can compensate it with the obstacles though.
  • Spring Man, because his playstyle revolves around ground based dodging which the tubes support.
  • Max Brass, Master Mummy, Min Min, because they can buff up/Heal/Charge Dragon Arm safely behind the tubes.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese DNAラボ
Dīenuē Rabo
 Dutch Laboratorium Laboratory
 French Laboratoire Laboratory
 German DNS-Labor DNA lab
 Italian Laboratorio segreto Secret laboratory
 Russian Лаборатория ДНК
Laboratoriya DNK
DNA laboratory
 Spanish Laboratorio ADN DNA laboratory


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