Cinema Deux

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Cinema Deux
Cinema Deux.jpg
Home stage of Twintelle
"Fighters come to blows in front of this giant theater belonging to Twintelle herself! If that wasn't impressive enough, she's filled the fan-shaped plaza with luxury cars from her personal collection. Don't be shy about jumping on them during battle—she's got plenty more at home!"
Official Description

Cinema Deux is the home stage of Twintelle.


This stage is part of a fancy circular drive and sidewalk in front of Twintelle's upscale movie theater. Star-shaped tiles are set in the sidewalk, resembling the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California. Also present are palm trees, film equipment, and large billboards advertising Twintelle's brand, Overrun. Fans appear not only in crowds watching from the sidelines, but also operating crane cameras recording the fight.


Cinema Deux is shaped like a quarter-circle or a folding fan. The outside edge of the circle is slightly elevated. Four cars, which fighters may jump on or use as cover, are parked in the street. Jumping on the cars will propel the fighter higher up into the air than a normal jump.

Related Badges

Main article: Badge Stash
Description Reward Design Unlock Criteria
The cars at Cinema Deux got hit 10
times. Good thing those cars are so
fancy, they're impervious to scratches!
Token.svg30 Badge-Unknown.png Punch a car ten times in quick succession in Cinema Deux.



  • Hitting the cars in Cinema Deux repeatedly and in quick succession during a Rush pushes them out of their places. They remain like this for the rest of a match.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese ツインシネマ
Tsuin Shinema
Twin Cinema
 Chinese (Traditional) 雙馬尾影院
Sēungmáhméih Yíngyún
Twintail Cinema
 Chinese (Simplified) 双马尾影院
Shuāngmǎwěi Yǐngyuàn
Twintail Cinema
 Dutch Filmfestival Film festival
 French Palais du festival Festival palace
 German Premierenpalast Opening palace
 Italian Festival del cinema Cinema festival
 Russian Твин-синема
 Spanish Plaza de la fama Square of fame
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