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Fans of the ARMS sport are minor characters featured in ARMS. A group of fans (Also Known as The Crowd) appears in the background of every match, spectating the fight. Fans have various different body types and dress up as one of the fighters participating in the competition match to show their support. They have no effect on the match itself.


Different fans with different ensembles appear modeled after the object of their admiration. They even change color to match the color scheme of the fighter they're cheering for. The appearances are as follows below:

  • Spring Man: Fans wear his signature curly hair cut and mask.
  • Ribbon Girl: Fans wear her ribbon hairstyle and mask.
  • Ninjara: Fans don a ninja hood.
  • Master Mummy: Fans wear bandages around their heads and their faces are blue.
  • Min Min: Fans wear her signature ramen bowl beanie and noodle-like hairstyle.
  • Mechanica: Fans wear her hairstyle, though without the ahoge, and clothing modeled after her mech suit.
  • Twintelle: Fans wear her hairstyle and mask, and have the same skin tone as her.
  • Byte & Barq: Fans wear masks modeled after Barq.
  • Kid Cobra: Fans wear a little coiled snake on their heads.
  • Helix: Fans wear Helix's blue and pink colored "hair" while holding tubes that match that "hair".
  • Max Brass: Fans wear his signature fist shaped headgear/mask combo.
  • Lola Pop: Fans wear a jester's cap and hold a lollipop in hand.
  • Misango: Fans wear his dreadlock hairstyle.
  • Springtron: Fans wear his metal spring hair and mask.
  • Dr. Coyle: Fans wear her symbol and have green hair- females have their hair in a bobcut, while males have spiked hair. The fans also have the same mechanisms on their backs as Dr. Coyle does.

On Ribbon Ring, there are silhouettes of fans holding pink glow sticks, although it is impossible to identify what outfits they are wearing.



  • Sparring Ring is the only stage that does not have any fans present.
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