Spring Stadium

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Spring Stadium
Home stage of Spring Man
"An open-air stadium owned and operated by the Spring Gym, it features springboards around the perimeter that can be used for big jumps. Basically, the ideal place for some pure and stretchy ARMS combat."
Official Description

Spring Stadium is a stage in ARMS. It is affiliated with Spring Man and was first shown alongside the game's reveal during the Nintendo Switch presentation in January 2017.


Spring Stadium is an outdoor, futuristic arena, set inside a large city, that is filled with fans along the sides of the stage. The floor appears to be a mostly flat surface similar to a wrestling mat. The stadium has many advertisements and video screens.


The stage has a square shape, with a mostly flat surface. The edges of the navigable area consist of trampolines that fighters can either jump on for extra height, or bounce others off to stun them.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese スプリングスタジアム
Supuringu Sutajiamu
Spring Stadium
 Dutch Springstadion Spring Stadium
 French Stade Spring Spring Stadium
 German Spring-Stadion Spring Stadium
 Italian Stadio Boing Boing Stadium
 Russian Спринг-Стадион
Spring Stadium
 Spanish Estadio muelle Spring Stadium


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