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"Let's change it up and play some V-Ball! The rules are simple—hit the ball over the net! Oh, and the ball will explode after a bit, so watch out for that. First to 5 points wins! Now get out there and show some hustle!"


V-Ball is a competitive multiplayer mode in ARMS. Players attempt to hit a beach ball containing a bomb over the net and onto the ground in the opposing team's court. It is based on the real sport of volleyball.


When a match starts, a ball carried by a drone will float down above the net, detaching after being hit by a player. After detaching, it will fall on one side of the net. Points are earned primarily by hitting the ball to the ground in the opponent's court, which will cause it to explode. The ball also has an explosion timer. If the ball goes too long without hitting the ground, it will pop, causing the bomb inside to fall to the ground and explode, giving a point to the team on the opposite side. The ball will also pop automatically after the match timer runs out. If a player attempts to grab the ball, it will be suspended in the air for a second. If a player hits it during this time it will spike down towards the opponent.

In standard V-Ball rules, the first team to five points wins. If neither team scores five points, the one with the highest score wins.

V-Ball can be played with either 1 or 2 players on each team.


The court in V-Ball is located on Buster Beach. The court itself appears similar to a Volleyball court, with a red concrete floor. There are two large, yellow fans located on each side of the court. A column of blue spotlights is located on both sidelines. The court is surrounded by bleachers filled with Fans, and is shaded underneath yellow and orange patterned canopies. In the background, a coastal city on a mountainside can be seen, as well as signs with a V-Ball related design on them.

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