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Hedlok Scramble is a Versus mode for two to four fighters. It is similar to an ordinary Fight in that the objective is to be the last one standing; however, at the beginning of the match, Hedlok's mask will be spawned in an orb at the center of the map.


After absorbing three punches, the orb at the center of the stage will break, allowing fighters to pick up Hedlok's mask by moving on top of it or hitting it with a punch, which drags the mask back towards them. While wearing Hedlok's mask, the fighter will have all of Hedlok's abilities at their disposal (i.e. six arms and its unique grab attack and Rush). However, the mask will be removed once a certain time has passed (A timer can be seen on the back of Hedlok's mask so the fighter wearing it can see) or if the fighter wearing Hedlok's mask is knocked down, thus allowing another fighter to claim it. Thus, the fighter wearing the mask uses its powers to devastate their foes while their enemies try to attack the fighter wearing the mask so they can claim it for themselves, creating a mad scramble for control of Hedlok's mask.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese ヘッドロック争奪戦
Heddorokku Sōdatsusen
Hedlok Scramble
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