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The Help menu in ARMS is a section of the main menu that contains useful tips and information. The full contents of the Help menu can be found in the gallery below.


Basic Controls[edit]

Thumbs-up grip[edit]

  • L.svg: Dash
  • Dbuttons.svg (up): Change target
  • Tilt both Joy-Con*: Move
  • Turn both Joy-Con inward: Guard
  • Zr.svg: Rush
  • R.svg: Jump
  • Punch forward with a Joy-Con: Punch
  • Punch forward with both Joy-Con: Grab

*-The plural form of Joy-Con is the same as its singular form.

Joy-Con grip[edit]

  • R.svg: Rush
  • Lstick.svg: Move
  • Lstickclick.svg: Guard
  • Dbuttons.svg (up): Change target
  • X.svg: Jump
  • Y.svg: Dash
  • A.svg: Punch (R)
  • B.svg: Punch (L)
  • A.svg+B.svg: Grab

Handheld mode[edit]

  • R.svg: Rush
  • Lstick.svg: Move
  • Lstickclick.svg: Guard
  • Dbuttons.svg (up): Change target
  • X.svg: Jump
  • Y.svg: Dash
  • A.svg: Punch (R)
  • B.svg: Punch (L)
  • A.svg+B.svg: Grab

Joy-Con sideways[edit]

  • Sr.svg: Rush
  • Stick.svg: Move
  • Stick.svg: Guard
  • Zl.svg: Change target
  • Upbutton.svg: Jump
  • Leftbutton.svg: Dash
  • Rightbutton.svg: Punch (R)
  • Downbutton.svg: Punch (L)
  • Downbutton.svg+Rightbutton.svg: Grab

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller[edit]

  • R.svg: Rush
  • Lstick.svg: Move
  • Lstickclick.svg: Guard
  • Dpad.svg (up): Change target
  • X.svg: Jump
  • Y.svg: Dash
  • A.svg: Punch (R)
  • B.svg: Punch (L)
  • A.svg+B.svg: Grab

Modes & Rules[edit]

  • Punch or get punched - that’s what ARMS is all about!
  • Each fighter can take three ARMS into a match to switch between each round - choose wisely!
  • In matches with more than two fighters, the last one standing wins!


  • Hit the ball back before it explodes!
  • The ball will explode if it hits the ground or too much time passes!
  • Hit the ball with both ARMS to set it up, and then hit it again to spike it!


  • There’s no ball to worry about - it’s all about throwing your opponent into the hoop!
  • Dunk or toss ‘em in for 2 points, or drain ‘em from behind the arc for 3!
  • First to 10 points wins - dunk for maximum style!


  • Keep smashing those targets and rack up as many points as you can before time runs out!
  • Chain target smashes together to score bonus points!


  • It’s you against 100 - can you take ‘em all down?!
  • Be sure to use the items that appear each level-up!

Party Match[edit]

  • Fun, friendly matches of various game types!

Ranked Match[edit]

  • Serious matches that put your rank on the line!

Get ARMS[edit]

  • Spend your hard-earned cash to try to get new ARMS!
  • Hit a clock - extend your time. Hit a box - get an ARM!
  • The higher your score, the more boxes show up. Gotta collect all those ARMS!


  • Items can appear midmatch, so keep an eye out!
  • Get close to the HP juice to steadily restore your HP!
  • Get close to the rush juice to fill your rush gauge!
  • Get hit by a fire bomb and you’ll get burned!
  • Get hit by a fire shock and you’ll get shocked!

Tips & Tricks[edit]

(This section refers to thumbs-up grip controls)

  • Dashing L.svg and jumping R.svg are the keys to victory!
  • You can dash L.svg while jumping R.svg too!
  • When your rush gauge is full, press Zl.svg or Zr.svg to unleash a rush!
  • Tilt the Joy-Con controllers toward each other to guard!
  • Hold dash L.svg to charge up a charge punch!
  • Hold jump R.svg to charge up a charge punch!
  • Bigger fighters can take a few hits without flinching!
  • Different ARMS extend differently and have different speed and damage!
  • Heavy ARMS will deflect lighter ones!
  • When you get knocked down, you’ll get up in the direction you tilt the Joy-Con controllers.
  • If one of your ARMS gets disabled, you won’t be able to use it for a bit!
  • If your opponent likes to guard, that means more chances to grab!
  • Grabs can be deflected with one-arm punches!
  • The longer you charge up for a charge punch, the more time you’ll have to throw one!
  • The more you punch, the faster your rush gauge will fill!
  • If you take too many hits while guarding, your ARMS will be disabled!
  • Your own ARMS’ explosions can damage you!
  • If you block a punch and then dash L.svg right after, you’ll do an insta-counter!
  • If you send an opponent flying, you can keep attacking them in midair!
  • Unleashing a rush will deflect any incoming punches in that instant!

The Fighters[edit]

Spring Man[edit]

  • Spring Man, aka “the bouncer”!
  • When Spring Man’s health gets low, his ARMS stay perma-charged!
  • If Spring Man gets hit right when his charge wears off, the punch will be deflected!
  • The springboards in Spring Stadium can change the course of a match!

Ribbon Girl[edit]

  • Ribbon Girl, aka “the airess”!
  • Ribbon Girl can jump multiple times in midair!
  • Ribbon Girl can hold dash in midair to dive-bomb!
  • The boxes that pop up in Ribbon Ring add a fun twist!


  • Ninjara, aka “the student of stealth”!
  • Ninjara can warp by dashing while jumping!
  • When Ninjara blocks a punch, he counters with a warp!
  • At Ninja College, it’s a battle for the high ground on the grand stairs!

Master Mummy[edit]

  • Master Mummy, aka “the grim creeper”!
  • Master Mummy’s massive body lets him take punches without flinching!
  • When Master Mummy guards, his health regenerates!
  • Bust open the floor at the Mausoleum to reveal a trampoline!

Min Min[edit]

  • Min Min, aka “the ramen bomber”!
  • When Min Min dashes in midair, she does a spin kick that can repel attacks!
  • When Min Min charges up, her left arm turns into a dragon!
  • The curved shape of the Ramen Bowl makes for spicy fights!


  • Mechanica, aka “the scrapyard scrapper”!
  • Mechanica can hold jump and dash to hover!
  • Mechanica’s metallic body lets her absorb blows without flinching!
  • At the Scrapyard it’s important to protect the high ground!


  • Twintelle, aka “the silver screen queen”!
  • Twintelle can slow down incoming punches while she’s charging up!
  • Twintelle can hold dash in midair to air-charge!
  • You can bounce off the cars at Cinema Deux to jump high!

Byte & Barq[edit]

  • Byte & Barq, aka “the clockwork cops”!
  • Byte & Barq fight as a team!
  • When Byte jumps off of Barq, he can repel punches and do a high jump!
  • You might just become a big fan of the little platform at Buster Beach!

Kid Cobra[edit]

  • Kid Cobra, aka “the speed demon”!
  • Kid Cobra will quick-step if he dashes while charged!
  • Kid Cobra’s dash is a bit slow, but he jumps really fast!
  • Hop on the snakeboards at the Snake Park to add some style to your fights!


  • Helix, aka “the ‘man’ of mystery”!
  • Helix can extend his body by holding jump!
  • Helix can shrink his body while holding dash!
  • At the DNA Lab, using the tubes for offense AND defense is the key!

Max Brass[edit]

  • Max Brass, aka "the commish"!
  • Max Brass's ARMS stay perma-charged when he's in trouble, which will make him perma-buff!
  • When Max Brass only completes a partial charge, he releases a shockwave that deflects incoming punches.
  • Master the different levels of the Sky Arena to achieve victory!

Lola Pop[edit]

  • Lola Pop, aka "the sucker puncher"!
  • When Lola Pop has her guard up, she can move forward and back in her inflated state!
  • Lola Pop can inflate and air-guard when she dashes midair!
  • On Via Dolce, the key to victory is threading your punches through the cafés!


  • Misango, aka "the spirited fighter"!
  • When Misango charges up, his spirit companion imbues him with a special power determined by its color!
  • If Misango charges up when his guardian spirit turns red, he can take punch after punch without flinching!
  • Misango automatically guards during a rush he starts when his spiritual companion's glowing yellow.
  • When the woven sprite beside him glows blue, Misango's charge will increase his speed!
  • If Misango holds a guard, the guardian spirit beside him goes into full-on protective mask mode.
  • Use the pillars and sloping terrain of the Temple Grounds to your advantage.


  • Springtron, aka "the mean machine"!
  • Springtron releases a shockwave that deflects incoming punches when he breaks off a charge before it's complete.
  • When Springtron completes a charge, he releases a huge shockwave that deflects incoming punches!
  • The Sparring Ring has no gimmicks-it's a true test of skill!

Dr. Coyle[edit]

  • Dr. Coyle, aka "the rad scientist"!
  • The doc can activate one of her extra, built-in ARMs during a fully charged punch!
  • Whenever Dr. Coyle holds a guard, she goes into full-on stealth mode!
  • Watch out for those conveyor belts in [NAME REDACTED]! They can quickly change the direction of a battle.

Extra Stuff[edit]

  • Home button can’t be used in matches, lobbies, etc., when using the thumbs-up grip.
  • Study replays for keys to victory and causes of defeat!
  • If you quit a Grand Prix partway through, you can continue later from where you left off!
  • Apparently there’s a secret way to change your fighter’s color when selecting one…
  • Warm-Up is a time-killing mode you can only play in multiplayer lobbies!
  • Perfect wins are worth a big chunk of bonus cash!
  • The dev team’s best ARM Getter score is 30,780!
  • The dev team’s best time on 1-on-100 is 3:24.16!
  • The symbol that appears when each fighter guards is their logo!
  • The ARMS Grand Prix grand finale averages 100% viewership!

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