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ARMS allows players to set various match rules. Not all rules can be altered in all modes, and these include:[1]

  • Whether players should be on teams, and which combination of players are put on each team;
    • These can be one of the following combinations:
      • Players 1 and 2 versus Players 3 and 4
      • Players 1 and 3 versus Players 2 and 4
      • Players 1 and 4 versus Players 2 and 3
  • The time limit (unlimited or 99 seconds);
  • How many matches must be won to be declared the winner (first to 1, 2, or 3);
  • Whether to spawn items or not (albeit with no control over which items spawn);
  • The HP each fighter starts with (1000, as normal, infinite, or one-punch K.O.);
  • The properties of the rush gauge;
    • These include turning the rush gauge off entirely, having the gauge be constantly full for all fighters or just players only, or having the rush gauge act as normal.
  • How many COM players to include (1 through 3);
  • The skill level of each COM player;
    • These can be either a difficulty from 1 through 7, like Grand Prix, stationary or evasive.


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