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Team Fight as seen on the games' menu, including the default rules.

Team Fight is a battle mode in ARMS, available since Version 1.0.0. It is similar to a regular Fight match but introduces a team-based element. Up to four players can play Team Fight, with any vacancies filled by CPU players.


In Team Fight, two teams of two players go head-to-head on any stage - one Orange team, and one Green team. To win a round, a team must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be the last team standing.
  • Have more players remaining than the other team.
  • Have more total health than the other team.

The first team to win a set amount of rounds is considered the winner of the match, like a normal Fight. Each team is connected by a tether that keeps them from getting too far apart; if one fighter moves beyond the limit of the tether, the other will be dragged along with them. This encourages fighters to stay closer together. This also makes grabs more powerful, because successfully grabbing and throwing one player on the opposing team will also cause the other to be pulled towards their ally and slammed into the ground for an additional 100 damage. In order for this to happen, however, the grab must be fully executed (e.g. Helix must complete his three-kick grab animation); if interrupted mid-grab, no other fighters will be slammed into the ground.

Changeable Rules[edit]

Main article: Rules

In Team Fight, the following rules can be changed:

  • Team combinations
  • Time limit
  • Match winning conditions
  • Items
  • HP
  • Rush gauge
  • COM skill
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