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VS Hedlok is a cooperative Versus mode in which two or three players collaborate to defeat an AI-controlled Hedlok.


The goal of VS Hedlok is to KO Hedlok, who has taken over the body of a random fighter, and inherited all of their abilities, in the allotted time of a usual round. Hedlok will behave like a standard computer-controlled opponent, attacking players with its six randomly-selected ARMS and moving as usual. Hedlok's health is equal to the sum of the health of all the players fighting him (e.g. if there are three players fighting Hedlok, it will have 3000 HP). Hedlok will win by KOing all the players as usual, but if the timer runs out, Hedlok will also win by default. Items will affect Hedlok and players as usual. In Party Match, Hedlok's AI skill level will be adjusted according to the approximate skill level of the players fighting him, based on their performance in their previous matches.

At AI difficulty levels 5 and above, Hedlok will take half as much damage from all incoming punches and cannot be knocked down.

This mode can not be played in Versus.

In levels 4 and down, all punches (except charged punches) will take as half as less damage.

In the 5th Party Crash, a level 8 Hedlok can be fought. It has perma-charged ARMS, immunity to flinching, a fast charging rush gauge, and can combo a grab into a rush for massive damage.

Related Badges

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Description Reward Design Unlock Criteria
You played VS Hedlok for the
first time! Let's hope you don't
get any nightmares.
Token.svg10 Badge-Unknown.png Play VS Hedlok for the first time in Version 3.2.0 or higher.
You won VS Hedlok without
using any rush attacks. How
patient of you!
Token.svg100 Badge-Unknown.png Win a VS Hedlok match without anybody using a rush.
You won VS Hedlok in less
than 30 seconds. That
creep must be humilated!
Token.svg100 Badge-Unknown.png Win a VS Hedlok match in under 30 second(before the timer reaches sixty-nine seconds).
You won VS Hedlok AND every
player got a perfect score. Hedlok
can't be too happy about that!
Token.svg100 Badge-Unknown.png Win a VS Hedlok match with everyone at full health.
Note:being healed to full health by HP Juice or Master Mummy's regeneration skill still counts as a Perfect.
You've done over 1,000 damage
at one time in VS Hedlok! I feel
kind of bad for Hedlok...
Token.svg100 Badge-Unknown.png Deal at least 1,000 damage to Hedlok in VS Hedlok.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
 Chinese (Traditional) VS 鎖體魔頭
VS Sótái Mōtàuh
VS Body-Locked Devil Head
 Chinese (Simplified) VS 锁体魔头
VS Suǒtǐ Mótóu
VS Body-Locked Devil Head
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