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Official render of Hedlok.

Hedlok is a boss character in several modes in ARMS. When fought, it attaches itself to a fighter and uses its six ARMS in total to unleash devastating attacks.


Hedlok's entire appearance.

Hedlok was created by ARMS Laboratories as part of their "Wearable Weapons" project, the purpose of which was to create powerful sparring partners for fighters to hone their skills against. It is the follow-up to a prototype armor of sorts that fit over the body, which can still be seen in the background of the DNA Lab stage;[1] however, Dr. Coyle, the overseer of the project, believed that ordinary humans would not be able to effectively control all the ARMS the prototype offered, so Hedlok was constructed instead, with the ability to override the mind of its wearer.[2] A partially assembled prototype of Hedlok can be seen in [NAME REDACTED].

Upon activation, Hedlok became self-aware, escaped containment, and went on a rampage; though possessing a mind of its own, its objectives are unclear.

Hedlok is a metallic mask with a large mouth lined with yellow teeth, and two ARMS protruding from either side of it. It has no body but clamps onto the heads of other fighters to take control of them. Its glowing red eyes have spiraled irises. The level 8 Hedlok in the fifth Party Crash and beyond is gold instead of silver, has green eyes instead of red ones, and silver teeth instead of gold.

When fighting Hedlok, it will fight with all six of its ARMS (Two sets of three, with each ARM on one side being of the same kind). Because of this, players who attempt to attack it recklessly will wind up having their punch deflected by one of its ARMS and being hit by another, making Hedlok extremely difficult to damage. Similarly, it performs three grabs (one for each pair of ARMS) when executing one command. Rather than unleashing a barrage of attacks with its ARMS, its Rush attack is unique: it fires a large energy blast from its mouth that barrels forward at high speed before exploding, capable of dealing more than 500 damage if the player is hit by all of it. Like other Rush attacks, it can be blocked but the speed of the energy blast makes the timing for a block difficult.


Uniquely, in solo Grand Prix, Hedlok is just attrached to Max Brass or Dr. Coyle with thier signature ARMs. Take out a normal fight in 1000 HP, with faster rush gauge only. The fighter's arm must punches first, the corresponding arms will just follow punching. However in co-op Grand Prix and VS Hedlok in Party Match & Party Crash, Hedlok will turn his head in different directions and punches each ARM with his free will, so he could engage 2 to 3 players with seperate arms. His health would also doubles or triples, with super armor that never flinch & halve the damages(only knocked down by grab or rush attacks). The ultimate Hedlok level 8 has 4000 health when against 3 players. Hedlok deals 200 damage of stationary barrage towards the player grabbed.


Hedlok appears in four different modes.

In VS Hedlok[edit]

Hedlok possessing Byte at difficulty level 5.

Hedlok is the namesake of the VS Hedlok mode, seen in Party Match, being the primary opponent players must fight against in it (up to three Fighters can take part). It can use any combination of fighter and ARMS. In order to win, it must be defeated before the timer runs out, even if it has less health than the players fighting it. It is affected by items just like normal fighters, allowing it to be damaged or healed, and it can use a special. The difficulty of the fight is linked to either difficulty level 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 from Grand Prix, as indicated next to its name. Also, in the fifth Party Crash and beyond, a level 8 Hedlok can be fought. He acts like a regular Hedlok, but it has much harder difficulty, its arms are perma-charged, it won't flinch, his rush gauge charges very quick, and when its rush gauge is full, it can combo a rush into its grab.

In Hedlok Scramble[edit]

Introduced in Version 2.0.0, Hedlok Scramble sees players fighting for control of a Hedlok mask in a capsule. Once a player receives Hedlok, they are able to control him while the other players fight them off.

Related Badges with Fixed Designs[edit]

Main article: Badge Stash
Description Reward Design Unlock Criteria
You won the Grand Prix at level 4
or higher! A new champion has
entered the arena!
Token.svg100 Badge-Fixed-Hedlok.png Clear Grand Prix at level 4 or higher.
You're champion of the level 7
Grand Prix. Today, a legend is born...
Token.svg200 Badge-Fixed-Hedlok-Shiny.png Clear Grand Prix at level 7.
You fought Lvl. 8 Hedlok!
ARMS Labs will stop at nothing...
Token.svg50 Badge-Fixed-Goldilok.png Fight a Level 8 Hedlok during the fifth Party Crash and beyond for the first time.
You defeated Lvl. 8 Hedlok!
ARMS Labs is waving the white flag.
Token.svg200 Badge-Fixed-Goldilok-Shiny.png Defeat a Level 8 Hedlok during the fifth Party Crash and beyond.
You defeated 100 in 1-on-100
for the first time! How ONE-derful.
Token.svg60 Badge-Fixed-RNA.png Clear 1-on-100.
You cleared 1-on-100 in less
than 3:24.16?! Not even
the devs can believe it!
Token.svg200 Badge-Fixed-RNA-Shiny.png Clear 1-on-100 with a time below 3:24.16.
You've cleared 1-on-100
as every fighter! The identity
crisis is forthcoming.
Token.svg100 Badge-Fixed-1on100.png Clear 1-on-100 with every fighter.

Related Badges with Random Designs[edit]

Description Reward Design Unlock Criteria
You played VS Hedlok for the
first time! Let's hope you don't
get any nightmares.
Token.svg10 Badge-Unknown.png Play VS Hedlok for the first time in Version 3.2.0 or higher.
You won VS Hedlok without
using any rush attacks. How
patient of you!
Token.svg100 Badge-Unknown.png Win a VS Hedlok match without anybody using a rush.
You won VS Hedlok in less
than 30 seconds. That
creep must be humilated!
Token.svg100 Badge-Unknown.png Win a VS Hedlok match in under 30 second(before the timer reaches sixty-nine seconds).
You won VS Hedlok AND every
player got a perfect score. Hedlok
can't be too happy about that!
Token.svg100 Badge-Unknown.png Win a VS Hedlok match with everyone at full health.
Note:being healed to full health by HP Juice or Master Mummy's regeneration skill still counts as a Perfect.
You've done over 1,000 damage
at one time in VS Hedlok! I feel
kind of bad for Hedlok...
Token.svg100 Badge-Unknown.png Deal at least 1,000 damage to Hedlok in VS Hedlok.
You played Hedlok Scramble
for the first time! If you can
control Hedlok, you can do anything!
Token.svg10 Badge-Unknown.png Play Hedlok Scramble for the first time in Version 3.2.0 or higher.
You've made Hedlok a real
winner in Hedlok Scramble.
Not sure if that's a good thing...
Token.svg30 Badge-Unknown.png Win a round while still wearing Hedlok.
You took out an opponent with
a rush attack while wearing
Hedlok in Hedlok Scramble. Nasty!
Token.svg10 Badge-Unknown.png KO an opponent with a rush attack while wearing Hedlok.


  • Although Hedlok was officially revealed as part of the ARMS Global Testpunch on 2017-06-02, it was leaked before its official reveal on a Twitch.tv stream.
  • Barq is not present when Hedlok attaches to Byte.
  • Hedlok’s name is likely a reference to a headlock, which is when a person’s arm is wrapped around another person’s neck, thus trapping them. It also references how he takes control of people, by locking onto their heads.
  • Hedlok has three separate sets of victory poses—two used in Grand Prix mode, one where it stays attached to Max Brass and laughs triumphantly, and one where it laughs while attached to Dr. Coyle, added in 5.0.0. similarly to when it is attached to Max Brass, and one used in 1-on-100 and VS Hedlok where it detaches from the fighter it was using and flies towards the screen.
  • In Grand Prix mode, Hedlok cannot be KO'd by the damage it receives from grazing one of its Explosion ARMS.
  • The Lokjaw is based on Hedlok.
  • Hedlok can accidentally damage itself from the 'blast' of the fireball rush move it unleashes if Hedlok is in close proximity when it unleashes the super move on a player, making it one of the rare few rushes that can damage itself with.
  • When Hedlok is attached to Dr. Coyle, she cannot activate her additional ARM.
  • While Hedlok launched itself off of Max Brass, it was simply removed, and then destroyed, by Dr. Coyle.
    • Even though Dr. Coyle destroys it, it comes back, due to the fact that it is a machine that can be fixed.
  • Hedlok has the most victory animations out of all the fighters, being three.
    • This is not counting Min Min or Misango's victory animations while having a mask or dragon arm active.
  • When Hedlok is attached to Misango, the guardian spirit disappears.
    • This means he cannot activate his masks and it won't protect him during his guard.
    • This also means it removes all of his abilities.


Names in other languages[edit]


Language Name Meaning
 Japanese ヘッドロック
 Chinese 锁体魔头
SuǒTǐ Mótóu
Lock body
 French Hedlok Hedlok

The Secret Weapon

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese 暴走する ARMS兵器
Bōsō suru Āmuzu heiki
Runaway ARMS weapon
 Chinese 发狂的ARMS兵器
Fākuáng de ARMS bīngqì
Crazy ARMS weapon
 French L'arme secrète The Secret Weapon


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