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Training is a Versus mode in ARMS. It allows players to fight specially-programed computer opponents to practice utilizing the game's fundamental mechanics.


Exercise Difficulty Opponent and ARMS Version added Notes
The Basics 1 Random 1.0.0 Only exercise available in multiplayer.
Punching 1 Helix with Toasters 1.0.0
2 Kid Cobra with Slamamanders 1.0.0
3 Byte & Barq with Bubbs 2.1.0
6 Ribbon Girl with Sparkies 1.0.0
Guard breaking 1 Master Mummy with Megatons 1.0.0
Trading punches 3 Kid Cobra with Hydras 2.1.0
5 Min Min with Megawatts 1.0.0
Don't get thrown 2 Spring Man with Toasters 2.1.0
5 Ninjara with Buffs 1.0.0
Rush practice 3 Byte & Barq with Bubbs 1.0.0
Anti-jump practice 3 Ninjara with Chakrams 2.1.0
6 Mechanica with Revolvers 1.0.0
Anti-counter practice 4 Master Mummy with Megatons 2.1.0
7 Twintelle with Chillas 1.0.0

Related Badges

Main article: Badge Stash
Description Reward Design Unlock Criteria
You completed a training session.
Huh. You already look smarter.
10 Complete one exercise in Training.
All your training is complete! Now
that you've got the basics down,
put 'em into action!
60 Complete all exercises in Training.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese トレーニング
 Chinese (Traditional) 訓練
 Chinese (Simplified) 训练
 Dutch Training Training
 French Entraînement Training
 German Training Training
 Italian Allenamento Training
 Russian Тренировка
 Spanish Entrenamiento Training
 Portuguese Treino Training
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