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ARMS Test is a mode that allows players to play with a random set of ARMS against CPUs. It serves to allow players to experiment with random combinations of ARMS and practice using them.


Before starting, players are allowed to choose their fighter as normal, but are not allowed to choose any ARMS. They then proceed to play an infinite number of matches. In each match, the opponent fighter, the stage and ARMS available for both to choose from are randomised. The ARMS available include all available ARMS, even those not unlocked, including their plus variants. Furthermore, the choice of ARMS available for the left ARM and right ARM can be different.

If playing the mode with 2 players, the CPU player is replaced with the second player.

The match types available during this mode include:

The mode continues endlessly, recording your highest win streak upon either quitting or losing. Winning each match is worth 1 Token.svg. As you continue playing matches and raising your win streak, the difficulty of the CPU opponents rises slightly.


The difficulty and amount of CPU players cannot be adjusted. The only option available to change is whether Items appear or not.

List of Related Unlockable Badges[edit]

Badges were introduced in Version 3.2.0. As of Version 4.1.0, the following known random-design Badges are available by playing the ARMS Test:

Description Reward Unlock Criteria
You won your first match in ARMS Test.
It's always good to know
your own strength.
Token.svg10 Win one match in ARMS Test
You've won 5 in a row
in ARMS Test! You're not a
beginner anymore!
Token.svg60 Win five matches in a row in ARMS Test
You've won 10 in a row
in ARMS Test! You're making a
name for yourself, kid.
Token.svg100 Win ten matches in a row in ARMS Test
You've won 20 in a row
in ARMS Test! What's left to test?
Token.svg200 Win twenty matches in a row in ARMS Test

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese ウデだめし
Ude Dameshi
Arm Test. Ude dameshi means trial or ability test in Japanese.
 Dutch ARMS-test ARMS test
 French Test ARMS ARMS test
 German ARMS-Test ARMS Test
 Italian Prova armi Arms tests
 Russian Тест ARMS
 Spanish Prueba ARMS ARMS Test
 Portuguese ARMS Teste ARMS Test
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