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1-on-100 is a single-player mode in which the player attempts to defeat 100 of the Cell without being knocked out.


In 1-on-100, the player's goal is to defeat 100 of the Cell. They are computer-controlled and are capable of attacking, dodging, and grabbing, but can be defeated in one hit. The enemies are split into groups of nine or ten enemies, though only up to three may appear at a time. Once a group is defeated, a Fire Bomb will appear if the player has full health; otherwise, HP Juice will appear. No time limit exists in 1-on-100, though the time the player takes to win will be recorded.

Each fighter can only play 1-on-100 on their own themed arena initially. However, once an arena is beaten (all 100 members of the Cell defeated), then its corresponding fighter can play on other arenas which have also been beaten. For example, Spring Man can only play on Spring Stadium until it is beaten; then, he can be used on other arenas.

In the case of Springtron, as of Version 4.1.0, his home arena is the Sparring Ring.

Acquirable Badges[edit]

As of Version 4.0.0 there are four Badges to be obtained in 1-on-100.

  • For finishing 1-on-100 once on any stage you will get a normal badge of one of the Cell.
  • If you finish 1-on-100 in less than 3 minutes and 20 seconds (the developer's record), you will get the same badge as above but with a shiny glaze.
  • If you finish 1-on-100 with every character you receive a badge with three members of the Cell.
  • A fourth badge as above but with a shiny glaze can also be unlocked, but it is unrelated to this mode (it requires you to smash 5,000 normal targets and 30 rare targets in Warm-Up mode).


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese 100人組手
Hyakunin Kumite
100-man Kumite
 Dutch Survival Survival
 French Survie Survival
 German Hundertkampf Hundred fight
 Italian La sfida dei 100 The 100 challenge
 Russian Бой против ста
Boy protiv sta
Fight versus hundred
 Spanish Los 100 adversarios The 100 oponents
 Portuguese 1 contra 100 1 against 100


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