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Gallery is a mode in ARMS released in Version 5.1.0. In it, players can spend 50 Token.svg to purchase official artwork with captions and names provided. There is also an option to buy all which allows the player to buy all pieces at once. The art depicted after winning Grand Prix above level 4 can be found here after beating Grand Prix with the corresponding character and is not shown on this page to avert spoilers. If all other illustrations are obtained then the Anniversary artwork will be unlocked.
Note: Some images on this page are slight alterations from those found in-game. Most of the images with this distinction include the game's logo where in-game it is not present.

Images featured in Gallery

Related Badges

Main article: Badge Stash
Description Reward Design Unlock Criteria
You launched ARMS Ver. 5.1!
Be sure to check out the art gallery!
Token.svg30 Badge-Fixed-UpdateStart.png Update the game to Version 5.1.0.
You've unlocked 10 pieces of art!
What a nice collection you've started.
Token.svg30 Badge-Fixed-ArtGallery.png Go to the gallery menu and purchase or earn ten art pieces.
You've unlocked ALL THE ARTWORK! Time to sit back and enjoy it. Token.svg200 Badge-Fixed-ArtGallery-Shiny.png Go to the gallery menu and purchase or earn all art pieces.
You've unlocked 30 pieces of art! Be sure to take a closer look at them! Token.svg60 Badge-Unknown.png Unlock 30 pieces of art.
You've unlocked 50 pieces of art! Be sure to give them all a close look! Token.svg60 Badge-Unknown.png Unlock 50 pieces of art.
You've unlocked 70 pieces of art! You could open a museum! Token.svg100 Badge-Unknown.png Unlock 70 pieces of art.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
 Chinese (Traditional) 鑑賞室
Appreciation Room
 Chinese (Simplified) 画廊
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