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Gallery is a mode in ARMS released in Version 5.1.0. In it, players can spend 50 to purchase pieces of artwork, each accompanied by a title and description. There is also an option to buy all, which allows the player to buy all pieces at once. Some pieces are unlocked through other means: the art shown of each character after winning Grand Prix above level 4 with them is unlocked upon doing so, and the anniversary artwork titled "Grand Finale" is unlocked after unlocking all other pieces of artwork.

Most of the gallery's images were added in Version 5.1.0 with the gallery itself. 15 more were added in Version 5.2.0, and another 15 were added in Version 5.3.0.

Note: Some images on this page differ slightly from those found in-game. In most cases, the difference is the inclusion of the game's logo where in-game it is not present.

Images featured in the gallery

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Image Title Description
ARMS Arms Five fabulous ARMS fighters showing off their stretchy arms!
The Thrill of Battle This image truly captures the energy and exhilaration of ARMS!
Spring Man's Debut[note 1] At a glance, one can sense Spring Man's nervous anticipation and focused determination!
Ribbon Girl's Debut[note 1] At a glance, one can immediately grasp Ribbon Girl's ability to capture the hearts
of her fans and strike fear into the hearts of her opponents in equal measure.
What a Fight[note 2] Offense and defense, advancing and retreating—a perfectly balanced fight!
The Championship[note 2] A fight for the history books—I was fired up announcing this one!
Put Up Your Dukes More like "Put Up Your Sparkies and Toasters"!
Looking Up Looking up to your hero takes on a whole new meaning for Mechanica
when she has to block one of Ribbon Girl's midair punches!
Girl Power These three female fighters are as fierce as they are fearsome!
Stars Collide[note 1] With no shortage of fans cheering each of them on, which star can shine the brightest?!
Cold Stare Whatever Kid Cobra is thinking, his piercing gaze sure gets the heart racing!
Helix Awakes Not sure if I should be reporting this, but a buddy of mine who works at ARMS Labs
told me that Helix busted out of his cultivation tube a bit earlier than planned...
A Star's Aura In addition to blocking incoming ARMS, Twintelle's aura has a beguiling fragrance,
with top notes of jasmine and rose atop a base of knock-you-out.
Victory Pose What better way to celebrate a victory than with a powerful kick that
cuts through the air—you can almost feel the gust against your face!
Buddy Cops Nothing says teamwork like Byte & Barq joining forces for their rush attack!
An Elegant Afternoon Everything Twintelle does she does with elegance and grace.
Behind the Scenes Some fighters can't stand reporters visiting them in the locker room,
but Spring Man is always up for a little ARMS chatter—he's the best!
Can I Have Your Autograph? I can't believe this happened—I'm still freaking out!
One Good Deed A true ninja takes every opportunity to protect those in harm's way, even if they're unaware!
Party Time Check out this scene from the ARMS League end-of-the-year party!
Looks like they don't mess around with the catering. YUM!
Mealtime There's no better reward for a fight well fought than a delicious bowl of piping-hot ramen.
Takin' a Breather When wearing her fighting suit, Mechanica has to be careful that
the suit doesn't overheat...and that she doesn't overheat either!
Style Points[note 2] Check out Misango wearing a suit from Twintelle's fashion line.
My bow tie is also from her collection—I love her stuff!
Puppy Love It's hard to play it cool when you've got flashing red lights on your heads...
Snake Charmer When not fighting or snakeboarding, Kid Cobra keeps
his snakelike reflexes sharp the old-fashioned way!
Warming Up Looks the ladies of ARMS were just as fascinated as the fans
when they found out that Lola Pop was joining their ranks!
Move Out[note 2] Evil won't escape their reach—ARMS rangers move out!
Test of Strength This arm-wrestling showdown started off as a friendly competition but
soon turned into an all-out grudge match—we're gonna need a new table!
Gym Time Having extendable arms is great, but ARMS fighters still have to
put in that gym time to stay on top of their game—no pain, no gain!
Ribbon Collection[note 2] Our girl's got ribbons in every possible style! But which to wear today...
Peeper[note 1] When I first tried Helix Juice, I think he was watching me too...
Pizza Party Spring Man loooves pizza. Good thing he trains so hard—
this was his fifth slice, and he wasn't close to done!
Twilight in Autumn When not fighting, Mechanica's suit doubles as her personal portable library!
Monster Deal When something you use a lot of is on sale, you gotta stock up!
Kids Love Her Min Min is super popular with the kids, which is no surprise
given that noodles and dragons are about as cool as it gets!
Spring Man Cave[note 1] Check out this rare peek into Spring Man's apartment!
It looks like he keeps up with ARMS even on his off days.
Street Performance It's hard to sell my famous ARMS cookies when competing with Lola Pop...
Popularity Contest The three most popular fighters in the latest rankings published by the ARMS League.
Our springed hero doesn't look too happy about being number three—use it as motivation, man!
Morning Routine Apparently Misango starts each day at the Temple Grounds with this impressive workout!
I hear he's also responsible for repairing those pillars whenever they're damaged...
Miss Fix-It Mechanica is as brilliant an engineer as she is a fighter!
The ARMS League often hires her to help with advanced repairs.
Good Hydration It's important for ARMS fighters to stay hydrated, especially
after an intense workout. Helix may have overdone it, though...
She Can Fix Anything[note 1] Hedlok got you in a headlock? Sounds rough, but Mechanica takes care
of her customers in order of arrival—so keep it down, would ya!
Our Hero[note 1] Spring Man can be kind of a goof, but when a serious situation arises, he doesn't mess around.
Circus Act[note 1] On our off days, some of us get together and do a little circus act.
As you could probably guess, Lola Pop is the star of our show!
Out for a Stroll[note 2] Spring Man stopped by to check out the Sparring Ring the day before it opened to the public!
Activate I can't be sure, but I have a sense that this image shows
Springtron at the very moment he first powered up!
World's Finest Intellect After years of research, Dr. Coyle decided it was finally time
to put what she's learned into practice in the ring!
ARMS Labs's Secrets[note 2] This shocking image shows Dr. Coyle hard at work conducting secret research in her lab...
Dear Santa I've been good all year, so surely Ribbon Claus will— Huh? I'm too old?! *sob*
Trick or Treat Check out Min Min and Master Mummy all dressed up for Halloween!
Well, I guess Master Mummy is always ready for trick-or-treating...
Top Spin In Japan, playing with spinning tops is a traditional way to celebrate the New Year.
Looks like Kid Cobra and Ninjara found a way to put their own, er, spin on this!
ARMS Launch Day What a day! Waving that huge banner was a lot harder than it looked.
Fashion Forward[note 1] Check out these fighters in their street clothes helping
promote ARMS badges. I gotta say, this is a stylish bunch!
Thank-You Note[note 1] This was the thank-you note we made for those who checked out ARMS at a special event!
Merci[note 1] That tower in the background sure looks familiar...
Thank You[note 1] Here's a neat image of all the original ARMS fighters together.
We made this to thank everyone for supporting our crazy new sport!
ARMS Labs Confidential 1 The earliest materials we have relating to the ARMS ability date from 1,500 years ago. However,
some experts believe it has existed for at least 4,000 years. The hallmark "coiling like a spring"
phenomenon can be found not just in people but in animals and plant life as well.
ARMS Labs Confidential 2 The number of people with the ARMS ability is rapidly increasing; currently 20 percent of the population is affected.
Considering that some of those affected may not yet have reported to the ARMS League, it may even be higher than that.
Though once deemed an oddity, in this day and age the ability is considered a gift and those with it are strongly admired.
ARMS Labs Confidential 3 The arms of those with the ARMS ability transform into either "something deeply connected to the individual"
or "something that was nearby at the time of their 'awakening.'" Or at least this is the current theory.
However, there are some known examples of cases that do not follow this pattern...
An investigator is currently shadowing one of these outliers—report to follow.
ARMS Labs Confidential 4 As previously stated, the ARMS ability is nothing new, but ARMS as a sport only dates back about 120 years.
One particular attribute of the ability's nature had previously prevented competition, but that all changed
thanks to the special masks invented by the ARMS Ministry (what we call ARMS Labs today).
ARMS Labs Confidential 5 The ARMS ability often emerges overnight, with those affected discovering their transformation upon waking up.
Awakenings are most common during the teenage years, though in some individuals the ability has lain dormant
for as many as 74 years. Some are even born with the ability, though this is extremely rare.
ARMS Labs Confidential 6 Based on our current research, only 1 in 100,000 individuals is born with the ARMS ability already manifest.
In the current league, Kid Cobra is the only example of this. He never removes his mask and has never disclosed
anything about his family. He presents an extremely rare and interesting subject—investigation of him must be prioritized.
ARMS Labs Confidential 7 The issue of ARMS unraveling and changing shape without regard to their subject's will was solved by
the invention of special masks, which allowed for sparring via extendable arms. As a result, formalized
competitions quickly gained momentum. In the present day, these masks are provided to those with the
ARMS ability free of charge, manufactured by ARMS Labs and distributed by the ARMS League.
ARMS Labs Confidential 8 The irises of those with the ARMS ability take on a spiral shape. This led to the hypothesis that the ability
could be controlled indirectly via the eyes, leading to the development of special masks. In order to prevent
their misuse, the underlying technology is a closely guarded secret, only disclosed at the discretion of "Doctor C."
ARMS Labs Confidential 9[note 1] The ARMS Ministry named the new sport that was created around the extendable-arm ability simply "ARMS."
When the sport gained enough attention to sustain a professional league, the ministry changed its name and split
into two organizations. Tournament organization and fighter development would become the job of the ARMS League,
and foundational research on the ARMS ability and the development of related products became the focus of ARMS Labs.
ARMS Labs Confidential 10[note 1] There are no other known cases of the ARMS ability appearing in hair. Subject has refused requests for examination
three times so far. We sent a few staff members to infiltrate and hopefully return with some stray hairs, but we've lost
communication with all of them. Perhaps she doesn't even have the true ARMS ability? But then how do you explain her eyes...
ARMS Labs Confidential 11[note 2] The weapons used in ARMS (also called ARMS) were initially basic boxing-type gloves in the early days of the sport.
In the modern era, however, a wide range of different ARMS with unique characteristics is available to competitors.
The contributions of private corporations had a lot to do with the increased variety, but it's also well-known that
without the technical support of ARMS Labs, there would be nowhere near the variety of ARMS currently available.
ARMS Labs Confidential 12[note 2] Recently some fighters who do not possess the true ARMS ability have emerged in the professional ranks.
Colloquially these competitors are referred to as the "second generation." Mechanica and the test subject
Helix are among these. Their rise has had a massive impact on the sport, inspiring even more interest from fans.
ARMS Labs Confidential 13[note 2] Even among "second generation" fighters, Byte & Barq are unique. They showed up to their pre-Grand Prix
inspection in their combined form... Having passed that, we were unable to stop them from participating,
even after the truth of their partnership was revealed. It may be time to reevaluate how we conduct those
inspections. That said, the commish is a big fan of theirs, so perhaps nothing will change.
ARMS Labs Confidential 14[note 2] Doctor C refuses to fully reveal themself to us, so we've done some research in secret.
They're a once-in-a-generation genius, the youngest in history to rise to the top of ARMS Labs.
Unconfirmed rumors abound, such as possessing 52 doctorates...and lacking the ability to taste food...
Secret of the Masks[note 1] The special masks used by ARMS fighters allow them to maintain their arms in a coiled state.
If the masks are removed, their arms become nearly impossible to control, coiling and uncoiling at random.
If you discover you have the ARMS ability, please contact the ARMS League outreach center by phone immediately!
Secret Weapon Research Notes 1[note 2] "Project Wearable Weapon," intended for use as a sparring partner for fighters, has been initiated. In essence,
we created the ultimate sandbag. Doctor C is the project league. This is my first time working with them, so I'm
quite excited. Will the average fighter be able to control so many arms at once? That will be our initial challenge.
Secret Weapon Research Notes 2[note 2] We're no closer to overcoming our initial challenge. A method of forcibly boosting brain power was proposed,
but Doctor C dismissed it. We've begun tests based on their idea of "expanding the thought capabilities of the device."
We've also modified the device from being worn on the torso to instead being placed atop the head. The doctor
responds to our communications promptly but refuses to appear before us. It's a bit unnerving...
Secret Weapon Research Notes 3[note 2] The prototype has escaped. Now able to "think," Hedlok has disappeared and seems in search of something.
This is an emergency. However, the doctor's interests have already moved elsewhere. We've been instructed
to create a version that can be more easily equipped and unequipped. We'll leave the escaped Hedlok
for the fighters to deal with. In the end, I suppose it will have become a sparring partner for them...
Spring Man Grand Prix End Card A long-sought victory finally realized. I was almost as happy as he was!
Ribbon Girl Grand Prix End Card What better way to celebrate with your fans than with a concert!
I know people who know people and scored a front-row seat.
Ninjara Grand Prix End Card What a magnificent display of ninjutsu! You know, I've been thinking about enrolling at Ninja College...
Master Mummy Grand Prix End Card What a miraculous reunion with his family thanks to them seeing Master Mummy on TV!
It was super emotional—thankfully they had plenty of gauze to dry their eyes.
Min Min Grand Prix End Card Min Min's victory brought tons of new customers and rave reviews to her family's Mintendo Noodle House. *slurp*
Mechanica Grand Prix End Card After her victory, everyone wanted to know more about Mechanica's fighting suit!
Frankly, her lecture about it was a bit (OK, like, a million miles) over my head...
Twintelle Grand Prix End Card Victory made Twintelle's movies even more popular than before.
The rise of her star knows no limits—she's a supernova!
Byte & Barq Grand Prix End Card Winning the Grand Prix earned Byte & Barq a much-needed vacation.
Lounge chairs and fruity drinks? That's my kinda beach patrol!
Kid Cobra Grand Prix End Card Victory has elevated Kid Cobra's popularity into the stratosphere.
Getting a selfie with him is the ultimate bragging right—even for me!
Helix Grand Prix End Card After his big win, Helix returned to the empty lab... But don't worry—I'm looking after him!
Max Brass Grand Prix End Card The commish adds yet another championship belt to his collection!
Lola Pop Grand Prix End Card Lola Pop used her Grand Prix prize money to open the circus of her dreams!
She even hired me to help spread the word.
Misango Grand Prix End Card Misango invited me along for his celebratory trip back to his homeland.
And man, the Misangans were sure happy to see me for some reason!
Springtron Grand Prix End Card After Springtron's victory, a lone child approached him before anyone noticed... My heart was in my throat!
Dr. Coyle Grand Prix End Card Uh, th-this is... Sorry, no comment! Memories are a precious thing...
Grand Finale[note 2] What an extravagant victory banquet! The winner of the ARMS Grand Prix of course!

Related Badges

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Description Reward Design Unlock Criteria
You launched ARMS Ver. 5.1!
Be sure to check out the art gallery!
30 Update the game to Version 5.1.0.
You've unlocked 10 pieces of art!
What a nice collection you've started.
30 Go to the gallery menu and purchase or earn ten art pieces.
You've unlocked ALL THE ARTWORK! Time to sit back and enjoy it. 200 Go to the gallery menu and purchase or earn all art pieces.
You've unlocked 30 pieces of art! Be sure to take a closer look at them! 60 Unlock 30 pieces of art.
You've unlocked 50 pieces of art! Be sure to give them all a close look! 60 Unlock 50 pieces of art.
You've unlocked 70 pieces of art! You could open a museum! 100 Unlock 70 pieces of art.


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Appreciation Room
 Chinese (Simplified) 画廊
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