Version 5.3.0

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Promotional artwork released alongside the update.

Version 5.3.0 was an update released for ARMS on 2018-04-11. The online ARMS Dashboard that shows placement from ranked matches is now accessible in game, along with many balance changes and new gallery pictures. Korean is now supported in the game.


  • New “Dashboard” feature added.
  • Check out the latest rankings, and tons of useful videos!
  • From Dashboard you can see the following.
    • Latest Worldwide & Regional Rankings
    • Party Crash Ranking by time slot
    • ARMS “Tips & Techniques” video collection
    • “Fighter Focus” video collection with tips for each fighter
    • “Tournament Clips” to so you can learn from the best
  • 15 Images added to Gallery.
  • Korean language is now supported.
  • Adjusted abilities of some fighters and ARMS as follows.
Fighters / Arms Adjustments
Ribbon Girl Freshening up lightens your heart and your feet. Ah, Spring! Increased air dash movement speed.

But it feels like her feet don’t quite touch the ground properly… Decreased dash movement speed.

Misango Increased rush gauge fill rate when in red and blue spirit form to be equal to that of other characters.
Coolerang Increased extension speed.

Increased retraction speed.

Lokjaw Increased retraction speed.

Fixed issue where under certain conditions ARM would not recover for an extended time.

Scorpio Increased charge attack damage.

Decreased retraction speed.

Skully Increased charge attack damage.

Decreased homing.

Glusher Increased charge attack damage.
Parabola Increased expansion rate while extending. No change to expansion during charge.
Nade Decreased retraction speed.
Chakram Decreased charge attack speed.
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