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Updates to ARMS are downloadable patches that change the game. Updates fix bugs and balance the roster. Previous updates added new fighters, stages, ARMS, and features, with Version 5.0.0 being the last major content update. Updates were first confirmed at an ARMS Direct on 2017-05-17.


Update Character Stage ARMS Modes Release
Version 1.0.0 (Base game) (Base game) (Base game) (Base game) 2017-06-16
Version 1.1.0 None None None LAN Play
Version 2.0.0 MaxBrass.png
Max Brass
Sky Arena
Nade.png Nade
Roaster.png Roaster
Kablammer.png Kablammer
Hedlok Scramble
Version 2.1.0 None None None Revamped Training 2017-08-09
Version 3.0.0 LolaPop.png
Lola Pop
Via Dolce
Funchuk.png Funchuk
Biffler.png Biffler
Clapback.png Clapback
None 2017-09-13
Version 3.1.0 None SparringRing.png
Sparring Ring
None None 2017-09-28
Version 3.2.0 None None None Badge Stash
Recent Replays
Interloper Boss Fight in Grand Prix
Version 4.0.0 Misango.png
Temple Grounds.jpg
Temple Grounds
Scorpio.png Scorpio
Glusher.png Glusher
Skully.png Skully
Party Crash 2017-11-16
Version 4.0.1 None None None None 2017-11-17
Version 4.1.0 Springtron.png
N/A N/A N/A 2017-11-29
Version 5.0.0 DrCoyle.png
Dr. Coyle
Unnamed lab.jpg
Lokjaw.png Lokjaw
Parabola.png Parabola
Brrchuk.png Brrchuk
New Grand Prix Ending 2017-12-22
Version 5.0.1 None None None None 2018-01-12
Version 5.1.0 None None None Gallery
Tournament Mode
Lvl. 8 Hedlok Boss Fight in Party Crash
Version 5.2.0 None None None Big Time ARMS 2018-03-06
Version 5.3.0 None None None ARMS Dashboard 2018-04-10
Version 5.4.0 None None None Nintendo Switch Online 2018-09-19
New fighters, stages, and ARMS were confirmed to be added in free updates during the ARMS Direct on 2017-05-17, with Version 5.0.0 being the last update to add major new content.