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Big Time ARMS is a mode for two fighters available only in Versus - Fight and does not work online. Unlike other Modes in ARMS, Big Time ARMS is not selected on the menu, but rather during ARM selection prior to a fight. This feature was added in Version 5.2.0.


While selecting ARMS, players can press the Y button on their controller to activate Big Time ARMS. This causes their ARMS to increase significantly in girth although the damage each ARM does is still the same as if they were regularly sized. This is unlike the Party Crash Bonus Event, of the same name, where they do triple the damage of normal ARMS. Big Time ARMS can only be enabled in a 1-on-1 offline match and can not be utilized online in any way. Due to this, unless there is an active Party Crash, Big Time ARMS can not be played during Party Matches or in its original form.


  • As of Version 5.4.0, Big Time ARMS is the only unique Bonus Event specific to Party Crashes to be made into its own mode, let alone be made accessible outside of Party Crashes.

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