Temple Grounds

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Temple Grounds
Temple Grounds.jpg
Home stage of Misango

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Temple Grounds is a stage in ARMS, released in the Version 4.0.0 update on 2017-11-15. The stage is the home stage for Misango, a fighter released in the same update.


Temple Grounds is jungled-themed temple courtyard with a staircase leading up to some type of idol with ancient carving etched in the stone. There are four stone pillars which resemble ARMS leading up to the shrine. Misanga bracelets are banners on the straight side, in front of a temple with blue flames. Fans are just outside the rounded side.


The stage is a semicircle that is sloped, with it being low on the rounded side and high in the middle of its straight side. There are four breakable pillars, with two on each side of the stage.

Related Badges

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Description Reward Design Unlock Criteria
All of the pillars at the Temple Grounds
were destroyed. The Misanga enjoys
such displays of ferocity!
Token.svg30 Badge-Unknown.png Destroy all four pillars over the course of the match in Temple Grounds.



  • According to ARMS Labs research, the symbols on the floor resemble modern day ARMS matches, though the inscriptions dating to prehistory. Researchers suspect the possibility that Misangans could foresee the future.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese ビョ・ビヨンポス
Byo Biyonposu
Byo Biyompus. Biyon-biyon is the onomatopoeia for a spring extending.
 Chinese (Traditional) 伸縮神殿
Sānsūk Sàhndihn
Stretch Temple
 Chinese (Simplified) 伸缩神殿
Shēnsuō Shéndiàn
Stretch Temple
 Dutch Tempel Temple
 French Temple Temple
 German Tempelanlage Temple Grounds
 Italian Tempio Temple
 Russian Храмовая площадь
Khramovaya ploshchad'
Temple Square
 Spanish Templo ancestral Ancestral temple


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