Ninja College

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Ninja College
Home stage of Ninjara
"Fights here take place on the grand stairs leading up to Rasen Ninjutsu University. Bombs will roll right down these steep steps, so fights become a battle for the high ground! These stairs also serve to beef up the calves of all the students as they make their way to school."
Official Description

Ninja College is a stage in ARMS. It is Ninjara's home stage.


Ninja College lies outside its namesake school, along a large staircase. The boundaries of the stage are adorned with trees and a small picket fence.


As Ninja College primarily resides on a staircase, the stage is rectangular and is higher on one side, with flat ground on the ends and middle of the stage.

Related Badges

Main article: Badge Stash
Description Reward Design Unlock Criteria
Every frog statue at Ninja College
disappeared! How many is that again?
Token.svg30 Badge-Unknown.png Hit all twelve frog statues off to the sides of the arena over the course of the match in Ninja College.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese ニンジャカレッジ
Ninja Karejji
Ninja College
 Chinese (Traditional) 忍者學院
Yánjé Hohkyún
Ninja Academy
 Chinese (Simplified) 忍者学院
Rěnzhě Xuéyuàn
Ninja Academy
 Dutch Ninjaschool Ninja school
 French Académie des ninja Ninja academy
 German Ninja-Akademie Ninja Academy
 Italian Accademia Ninja Ninja Academy
 Russian Школа ниндзя
Shkola nindzya
Ninja school
 Spanish Academia ninja Ninja academy
 Portuguese Universidade Ninja Ninja University


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