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"Let's mix it up and play some Hoops! It's b-ball with twist—you gotta throw your opponent into the basket! Dunk or toss 'em in close for 2 points, or drain 'em from behind the arc for 3. First to 10 wins! Now get out there and show a little pep in your step!"


Hoops is a competitive multiplayer mode in ARMS. Players attempt to grab their opponent and toss them into a hoop basket to score points. It is based on the real sport of basketball.


Before a game, fighters stand across from each other. When the game starts, their goal is to grab their opponent and toss them into the hoop basket at the top end of the stage. If the player performs a grab while inside the three-point line, they will dunk the opponent into the net and receive two points. When the grab is performed while standing outside of three-point line, they will throw the opponent into the net and receive three points. Shots into the hoop have a small chance of missing.

In Hoops, players have infinite health, but can still be stunned by attacks. Shock Bombs and Rush Juice will also be carried in periodically during a game. If a player successfully performs a Rush, they will hit the opponent into the spring boards on the side of the court, which will launch them into the net, earning the player three points.

The first player to score 10 points will win. Players can also win by having the most points after the game's timer runs out. The maximum score for a player is 12 points.


The court in Hoops is located on Buster Beach. The ground appears similar to a half-basketball court, with a unique design. A basketball hoop appears in the front of the stage. There are two large, yellow fans located on each side of the court. The court is surrounded by bleachers filled with fans, and is shaded underneath yellow and orange patterned canopies. In the background, a coastal city on a mountainside can be seen, as well as signs with a Hoops related design on them.

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