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Type Unique
Attribute Explosion Explosion
Weight Heavy
Default Fighter 25px Dr. Coyle
Brand Brand8.svg



The Lokjaw bares a striking resemblance to the Hedlok mask, having the same gold teeth and silver finish. Due to its small size, it only has one eye on the top of the device that opens up when charged. It fires decently sized red and black explosive ball when charged.


"cobbled together using spare parts from other ARMS Labs creation, this baby breathes fire. Its developers think it's adorable. It's really not."
Official Description

Technical Data[edit]

Frame Data[edit]

Grab Grounded Aerial
Extension speed Retraction speed Extension speed Retraction speed
Maximum duration (uncharged) 80 frames (1.33 sec. approx) 27 frames (0.45 sec. approx) 81 frames (1.35 sec. approx) 28 frames (0.47 sec. approx)
Maximum duration (charged) 79 frames (1.32 sec. approx) 27 frames (0.45 sec. approx) 80 frames (1.33 sec. approx) 28 frames (0.47 sec. approx)

Note: ARMS runs at 30 fps when in three or four player split screen, meaning all frame counts are halved.

Note: All frame data shown is tested using Spring Man.

Note: All frame data shown are from punches/grabs that do not contact the opponent and are started at the maximum range possible.

Note: All frame data is used consisting of the ARMS weapon being in both hands.

Version History[edit]

Version history
5.0.0 Added to the game
5.0.1 Increased speed of rush attack.

Decreased time interval before launch of rush attack.


  • The Lokjaw is the only unique arm not to have the poison attribute. Instead it uses the Explosion Attribute


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese ハンドロック