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Wind is one of the eight ARM Attributes. When charged, ARMS with the Wind attribute will blow fighters a short distance in the direction of the punch. Fighters being blown away are surrounded by a green tornado effect. Charged attacks by Wind ARMS will produce a similar green wind particle effect.[1] In most cases, ARMS with the Wind attribute deal 10 additional damage when charged.

List of Wind ARMS

There are four ARMS with the Wind attribute, with all of them being available at launch.

Boomerang Parasol Popper Slamamander


Wind type ARMS serve two functions. The first is the same as the Fire attribute, to knock down and disrupt heavy opponents, such as Master Mummy and Mechanica, as a hit from a charged Wind ARM will always put the opponent into a soaring animation. The second is to relocate your opponent and reset neutral. Whereas Fire ARMS do more damage, they mostly keep the opponent in the same place. If an opponent is rushing you down, or cornering you, a Wind ARM is the best way out of the situation. Use Wind ARMS if your opponent constantly relies on positioning to aim their ARMS from a comfortable angle. With proper timing and preparation, it is also possible to chain a Wind attack into a Rush. Wind ARMS also have the property of allowing 2 Air Juggles, one of the Advanced Techniques to connect assuming the first juggle was connected while the opponent was still rising from the wind ARM hit.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese 風 (ウィンド)
Kaze (Windo)
 Dutch Wind Wind
 French Vent Wind
 German Wind Wind
 Italian Vento Wind
 Russian Ветер
 Spanish Viento Wind
 Portuguese Vento Wind


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