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Explosion is one of the eight ARM Attributes. When an ARM with the Explosion attribute connects with a fighter while charged, it will initially hit normally. The normal hit will then trigger and combo into a subsequent Explosion hit. Hitting a blocking opponent, wall, or the opponent's ARMS will also trigger the explosion. Explosions will always deal full damage to a fighter that has not been knocked down. Fighters will glow orange shortly after being hit by an Explosion.[1] In most cases, ARMS with the Explosion attribute don't deal any additional base damage when charged, and deal 50 explosion damage. A unique trait of Explosion ARMS is that while charged they self-destruct when your own ARMS are hit by the opponent, causing them to do damage to yourself. This can also be triggered by an opponent's grab hitting your ARMS, unlike other ARMS which are not vulnerable to an opponent's grab in any way.

List of Explosion ARMS[edit]

There are five ARMS in game with the Explosion attribute, with two available at launch, two being added in Version 2.0.0 and one more added in Version 5.0.0

Homie.png Homie Nade.png Nade Kablammer.png Kablammer Lokjaw.png Lokjaw Triblast.png Triblast

The Explosion effect can also be given by an explosion from a Fire Bomb.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese 爆発 (エクスプロージョン)
Bakuhatsu (Ekusupurōjon)
 Dutch Explosie Explosion
 French Explosion Explosion
 German Explosion Explosion
 Italian Esplosione Explosion
 Russian Взрыв
 Spanish Explosión Explosion
 Portuguese Explosão Explosion


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