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Fire is one of the eight ARM Attributes. When charged, ARMS with the Fire attribute will knock down fighters, and temporarily set them on fire, causing them to glow red.[1] As the name suggests, ARMS that have the Fire attribute are typically surrounded in orange flames when charged. In most cases, ARMS with the Fire attribute deal 30 additional damage when charged (40 prior to version 3.0.0)

List of Fire ARMS

There are nine ARMS with the Fire attribute, making it the most common attribute in the game. Eight of these were available at launch, and the ninth, the Roaster, was added in Version 2.0.0.

Cracker.png Cracker Dragon.png Dragon Hydra.png Hydra
Phoenix.png Phoenix Ramram.png Ramram Retorcher.png Retorcher
Roaster.png Roaster Slapamander.png Slapamander Toaster.png Toaster


Fire ARMS are used to knock down opponents, while doing the maximum damage possible. Fire ARMS work well against enemies who can super armor through other attacks, such as Master Mummy and Mechanica. Since these fighters can rush in easier than other characters, Fire ARMS help to push them back, since they will always be disrupted and floored with them. Fire ARMS are also some of the most rewarding punish weapons, as they do high damage for their respective sizes. By using a lightweight ARM such as Hydra or Retorcher, players can quickly and effectively knock down any opponent in a breeze. Higher reward Fire type ARMS such as the Slapamander and Dragon are excellent for creating a cycle of punishing and conditioning.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese 炎 (ファイア)
Honoo (Faia)
 Dutch Vuur Fire
 French Feu Fire
 German Feuer Fire
 Italian Fuoco Fire
 Russian Огонь
 Spanish Fuego Fire
 Portuguese Fogo Fire


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