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Promotional art released alongside version 5.0.1.

Version 5.0.1 was an update to ARMS, which released on 2018-01-11. It is a generic balance patch changing a few ARMS and one character.

Changelist [1]

  • Adjusted abilities of some fighters and ARMS as follows:
Fighter / ARM(s) Adjustment
Misango Increased movement speed when jumping.

Increased arm size.

Lokjaw Increased speed of rush attack.

Decreased time interval before launch of rush attack.

Skully Improved curving.

Improved homing.

Glusher Increased expansion rate when extending.
Clapback Decreased expansion rate when extending.

Decreased maximum reflection angle.

Popper Decreased retraction speed.
Chakram Decreased homing.
Brrchuk Decreased homing for jump attacks.


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