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Type Curve
Attribute Electric Electric
Weight Medium
Default Fighter Icon-Byte & Barq.png Byte & Barq

Seekie is an ARMS weapon with the Electric attribute.



The Seekie is shaped like a curved cartoonish rocket, with a yellow base, a black underbelly, and four fins. It has beady yellow eyes on its front that are half-closed; when it is charged, its eyes turn red and the eyelids shift to appear angry.


"Designed to hunt down and shock bad guys, these were originally developed as crime stoppers! The farther away an opponent, the better they do."
Official Description

Unlike other ARMS, which the player can curve manually, the Seekie will fly forward a short distance before automatically curving towards the targeted opponent's current location when used. When it is charged and it collides with a fighter or other surface, it will explode a moment later as if it were an Explosion ARM, dealing additional damage. Both the initial contact with the Seekie and its explosion have the Electric attribute.


Uncharged Charged
70 70 Attrib-Explosion.png 40
Rush attack
20 180

Version history[edit]

Version history
1.0.0 Added to game.
2.1.0 Decreased retraction speed.

Made it so the electric shock when a charge attack connects doesn’t last as long.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese チェイサー
 Dutch Bliksemraket Lightning rocket
 French Fulgurant Flashing
 German Schocker Shocker
 Italian Torpedine Stingray
 Russian Гончая
 Spanish Perseguidor Pursuer