Rush Gauge

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The Rush Gauge is a small triangle next to the fighter's health bar that slowly fills up. When it is full, the player can use a Rush, as indicated by the triangle becoming yellow. When this occurs, the player's punches become powerful and/or rapid, leading to a high damage output. However, the Rush can be cancelled if damage is taken.

When the Rush is activated, if a punch is coming towards the player it will knock it out of the air. It can also retract ARMS thrown out upon activation.

To increase the Rush Gauge, the player can either: stand in Rush Juice, throw out punches, charge their ARMS, or take damage.

Rushing also causes each ARM to move up a weight class. For example, the Tribolt is treated as a medium weight ARM when used during a Rush. Heavy ARMS used during a Rush cancel out all other punches.

Players wearing Hedlok do not punch for their Rush attack; instead launching a powerful fireball. There are variations for each of your ARMS' attack. For example, the first default of Ninjara throws the Chakram repeatedly when using the rush.